Those who fight for both sides, what say you?


Horde… Alliance… some choose to play on both sides and enjoy them equally.
I do not… yet. But those who have done so, or are doing so, what say you of the conflicts going on, the story so far, the years of war, and the loss of so many good lives? I imagine that when you can see both sides of the coin, things becomes a lot less black and white. Are there any good guys? Is there an evil in the factions?
Share with us your thoughts. It’s good to see all the sides.

(Chocoh) #2

I play both sides. Prefer horde, but mains on alliance with all my mates. Prefer the alliance maps looks wise, but think horde story is way better.

Don’t see horde as bad, buy sylvanas is clearly a nut job and evil. Alliance aren’t necessarily good either, they’ve started or instigated many of the wars.

I mean look at start of BfA, horde got 3 maps all about loas and interesting quests. All of it tied into the uldir raid and was some mega fun quests. My fave all time quest is still the hand you go round reaping havoc. And alliance got erm… jainas redemption and building a boat.

(Archronos) #3

As someone who plays both factions, i can’t say the Horde is bad, the majority doesn’t really like what Sylvanas is doing but they follow her because she is the warchief and afraid, but they are about to backstab her i guess.

As for Sylvanas, yes her actions seem out of the blue, we are used to her using unorthodox ways to get crap done, much like Illidan, but for now i cannot say anything negative about her since we have yet to see the bigger picture. Why she’s doing what she’s doing so far? No one knows, i will judge accordingly when the full plot is revealed.


Gnome or orc, troll or draenei, who cares what character model is under the red nameplate.
…eh, story? Not sure what’s going on, didn’t even finish the war campaigns more then required for content unlocks…

(Punyelf) #5

I main Horde, I did try Alliance for one expansion but went back again before the end.

I like to see the story from both sides so I do tend to keep at least one Alliance levelled up to see it all unfold.

I don’t find either side good or evil. They both do good and bad things.


Started off BfA playing Alliance but felt really disconnected from the story, once you got past the intro of Jaina being hauled away I wondered why I was mucking about in the other zones at all. After switching back to Horde I’ve had so much more fun. I feel more involved, that the story is more relevant and I’m keen to see where our nutjob of a warchief is going.

I don’t feel one side is more evil than the other as a whole, but our warchief sure seems way up there on a scale of bonkers compared to the leadership of the Alliance.

I’ll probably continue to level at least one character from each faction in the next expansion as I think it’s good to see everything from both sides of the fence.


The alliance suffers from willful blindness and the Horde are constantly infighting because they cant overlook anything.

As for the “Sylvanas is evil” narrative, not as widely supported as it appears to be on the forums. Sure there gere are the Sylvanas fans, but i think more so there are the horde who arent down to lose a 4th warchief.

There are bad character’s on both factions though will vary who depending on who you ask. Sylvanas is one, obviously, but also Baine for he’s reoccurring treachery, Genn for Stormheim, Jaina, Saurfang… loads of opinions.

As for is there a good and evil faction? I think blizzard wants there to be, but the writers are either resisting or are inept.


alliance forever but nowadays you have to play horde because everyone on my fl went horde


Started horde and been switching back and forth every so often to get story.
However Horde is my true home love the races and there lores far more than alliance.


I’ve always mained Horde but created (and still play) an Alliance character this expansion to see the other side of the story. What made me so angry was the fact that the Alliance war campaign has the Horde doing things that don’t happen in the Horde war campaign (e.g working with the San’layn). It really annoys me that they left in this kind of inconsistency, or perhaps just didn’t bother telling that part of the story to the Horde characters.

I think there’s more going on Horde-wise as we’ve had the option to choose sides several times, whereas the Alliance don’t get that. It’s interesting because it really shows that there isn’t a side that’s universally considered “good” or “bad”. Especially since we really don’t know the full story. What is Sylvanas’s plan? Why is she doing what she’s doing? Until we know the end, we can’t really say if it justifies the means.


Why would I play generic MMO alliance races :confused: lol

(Moothilda) #13

Oh my, that is such a complicated question I don’t think I even have the guts to answer that :smile:

I used to be a proud hordie, for the only reason that I liked the flawed look of them - I think it fitted my own personality traits :slight_smile:

Upon returning I started to play both factions so I could be part of every story in the game.

And I have experinced that I am a proud faction player, no matter what faction I play - I gasp at the horde, thinking they are mean when I play the alliance side, and I am horrified by the actions of the alliance when I play my horde chars :yum:

Even in this fictional war, those who doesn’t participate in it are the losers :frowning_face:


I only really started playing alliance in TBC, because the Draenei are warcrafts first original race. To this day Draenei / Lightforged are my favourite alliance race.

Horde in comparison still dont have a non-typical fantasy race. Unless you count Pandaren

(Yinghei) #15

I play both sides and TBH I play my characters like they are lowly grunts or loosely allied adventurers…it means I dont have to worry about where my orders come from, or I can just ignore them and wander off on my own! :wink:

In general terms though I find the Alliance too insular and the Horde too fractured. Both got issues!

(Nimrhys) #16

All I can say is the Alliance is darker than it appears. Akin to the Naaru. At least the Horde is open about it.


It accauly gets more black and white if you know both side’s of the story.

One the left we got the alliance follow the good is dumb trope.
Refusing to do even a little evil if it woud save lives in the long run.
Constantly forgiving there enemies, seeing the best in everyone.
We where cheering tyranda on for the simple reason she has shown more agression in a single patch then the alliance has since cataclysm.
And cataclysm was the last time the alliance accauly fought(While loss alot until the player saved them)

On the horde side?
The horde goes to war over any reason it can find, glorified violence, considers everything it does honorable but everything the alliance does dishonorable.
Even when it is the exact same thing.
The horde are the largest hypocrits in world of warcraft.
Claiming to want to be more then monsters yet gleefly slaughter everything and anything because they can.

Loth’mar is the only horde leader who seems to accauly wants to build a nation instead of going to war because they can.

Now you could argue that being a warmonger is moralily grey.
You could also argue hitler was right.
It isnt going to score you any points but he we have crazies in real life aswhile.

I dont hate the horde.
I hate what blizzard has done to it.
It used to be that the horde where monsters trying to be more then just bloodthirsty monsters.
But ever since cataclysm that is all the where.
Legion might have been the execption.
It says alot about a people when you need people like vo’ijn or thrall to hold your leash to preventing from biting.

Pity classic is more moral grey then bfa.

I know people dont agree with me but ask yourself this:
What reasons does the alliance have to hate the horde.
What reasons does the horde have the hate the alliance.
Notice the difference in scale?
That is how horrible bizzard has been threating the horde.
They cant even give you a good reason to hate the alliance and force you to scape the bottem of the barrel.
Undercity could have been a good justificion for war but nope: Just alliance retelation again.
Whenever i try to play horde i get a headache at there hypocricy.


I transferred my main to Horde for a bit and saw both sides of the story and the only good thing that came out of it (she’s back on Alliance now) was running past you in Nazmir and getting a /hug :heart_eyes:

(Daltor) #19

Orcs, trolls, goblins, minotaurs and zombies aren’t generic?

I’d honestly say that all playable races outside of Draenei are generic.

(Solithrien) #20

I main Alliance but play both, and I have to say that Horde questing is vastly superior this expansion.

The Horde story felt very well connected to the established story; The introductory quests set up specific problems which you needed to deal with in order to gain the Zandalari’s trust and each was connected to one of the zones. None of the plots felt forced, the side quests tied in well to the plot, and each zone had a fairly unique story behind it. Taken as a whole, the three zones also form an overarching story which they all contribute to.

On the other hand the Alliance quests felt much more disjointed. The introductory quests set up, essentially, a single problem: Lady Ashvane. However we deal with that problem in a single zone. Drustvar and Stormsong Valley are then both unrelated to the overarching story - They’re like enormous side quests. The other problem those two zones have is that they’re essentially the same story; A Kul Tiran Lord/Lady using eldritch powers beyond their control to try and take over Kul Tiras.

Ultimately, the Horde zones form a cohesive story in which you’re introduced to and invested in from the off. On the other hand, the Alliance has only one zone which is actually tied into their story, Tiragarde Sound, after which the actual plot of the expansion just kinda disappears until Drustvar and Stormsong are completed.

(Tèsla) #21

For the 1st half of BFA this was my main. After ive switched to Belf hunter.
Ive no tie to any faction. But screaming “FOR DA HORDE” is always a pleasure.