Those who fight for both sides, what say you?

When you do the quest where you get to either align with Gonk or the pterrodax, pick the pterrodax. You’ll get flight totems around Dazar’Alor which make it a bit eaiser. Or of course assuming you’ve completed the pathfinder bits on your Alliance, just fly around it. Fully agree, I hate that pyramid. We no longer have any cultures that live in pyramids yet we still have harbours like Boralus. Surely no coincidence! :stuck_out_tongue:

I chose Gonk …
But I’d forgotten about flying. I’ve only just got it and haven’t played my horde since. Thank you, that will make it a lot quicker and easier :slight_smile:

Start worshipping paku and use the flight totems.

Edit: nvm, I see someone suggested that already

I played both sides, and the thing that vexes me the most on Hordeside is how stupid all their leaders are and how for some unknown reason all the minions follow them (including the Playercharacter).

On the other hand, maybe they modeled Horde after the US :stuck_out_tongue:

Playing both sides - fight for none.
I just watch them fighting like observer.
I don’t have favourites either.

I just like to watch you guys =)

Well we got a fan :grinning:

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