Titanforging is here to stay

That’s not the purpose of a MVP. They aren’t chosen for their opinions. There is a description of the MVP role posted as a sticky by Blizzard at the top of this forum(General Discussion). You should read that to understand their purpose better.


Would it?
If I take it from the original Quote from the Q&A:

With a maximum of +10 you have a little (but realistic) chance to get better gear than what was intended to drop from the boss, while you would control the impact of a single lucky drop (you would make it more steady because there would be no huge spike when you hit your one in a million chance for a huge titanforge).

They even said:

Why do we need those rare examples?

And it does not sound like Blizzard wants to give incentives to run outgeared content for that slim chance:

With the current system I run content below my level, when I want to help friends and guildmates.
I would do this without an off chance to get items and I will not run this content without anyone I know even if there is a slight chance to get items.

I think limiting the possible titanforging would take away the undeserved enormous lucky drops, while still maintaining a small chance to improve the gear even if you have all the base items the current raid tier has to offer and it would allow for more interesting trinket design, because it would be clear in what ranges the effect could occur without having to worry that any strange mechanic that works well in the current tier will break any boss in the following one when it drops with a +40 titanforge.

You think MVPs shouldn’t be entitled to their own opinions? You don’t actually know what the majority does or does not like. There are no statistics available.

I personally do not like titanforging, that is my opinion. All the MVPs are entitled to have their opinions. Just like you are entitled to think I shouldn’t be an MVP.

I was really honoured to be asked and excited to take on the greeness.


Punyelf I’m going by the logic what I stated before how the only few of the same posters spread the hate about the titanforging system on the forums, and those people are usually high end raiders, which do mythic raids and high level m+ keys, min-maxers and not the average players. And I haven’t stated how the MVP shouldn’t have their own opinions about the things in the game, but I would prefer if they would be elected in a more democratic way with the options for the players which post on the forum and which are active here to select them from the most notable forum contributors.

I think turning any role on the forums into a popularity contest would be wrong. But that’s just my view. Here is what the FAQ says :slight_smile:

Q. What does an MVP do?

A. MVPs promote constructive posting wherever they can. They contribute to the community and encourage polite discussion throughout the forums. When you see an MVP post, listen to what they have to say—they were also chosen for their knowledge of the game.

“A distinctive posting text color (green) is given to identified MVPs who answer other players’ questions consistently and accurately. It lends a note of credibility to what they post; it allows players seeking answers to take what they say at face value, and frees up Blizzard representatives so that they can focus on their primary responsibilities.”

Source; Welcome, Please Read! - #4 by Aerythlea-2611

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What the accurate stance on the titanforging system tho that’s very subjective, some players like it and some don’t. Blizzard is obviously fine with it since its still supporting it in the game and see the reasons for its continued existence.

God no. That would just promote the most popular posters by face value, and from that you could get anything.

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even if it was a “democratic election” she’d still be an MVP tho? because literally everyone likes her.
stop being so vile and let a person enjoy what she reached, out of all people she deserves it the most.

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“…identified MVPs who answer other players’ questions consistently and accurately” doesn’t mean that MVP’s are stating their opinion about titanforging as a fact. That is an opinion, not an accurate answer.

The word “Accurately” in this case means(as far as I know) that if people ask questions that has an actual answer tied to it, not related to opinions, they can get an accurate answer to it, perhaps from a MVP.

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I don’t have anything against her personally but as I said I would prefer the option for more a democratic way of choosing who will be MVP, in that way I would be able to pick someone who would represents my views of the game better and everyone would be able to do the same. And we can’t know who would be elected than , we can just guess , her or someone else who would also be a good candidate for such position.

This is not how Blizzard intended the MVP program to work, the way I understand it, but I can see you’ve understood it completely differently.

This is another quote from the MVP description post;

“they are not chosen for their ability to criticize game mechanics and give feedback. They certainly can do this (and many do). The members of the Community Team are still your vehicles through which you should submit feedback by posting on the forums and in blog comments. We do not have a class/race representative system in place at this time and would prefer to hear all players’ feedback instead of a select few.”

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They can probably put 2 and 2 together. They have game metrics and they have forum metrics. It doesn’t take a genius to parce the two.

Look; in the past if there was a massive outcry about a certain system not being fun or just plain bad, Blizzard always responded in the same way: They changed the system to appease the angry crowd. All those things had varying problems that people complained about and Blizzard acted accordingly; they made changes.

With TF this has not happened. Throughout Legion’s lifespan it didn’t receive a single change. It received some small changes at the start of the new expansion, but that’s nothing special; loads of systems get that treatment.

And this fact means a lot. It means that the number of people disliking it, isn’t anywhere near what people are claiming. It also means that the system, according to game metrics, is working fine.

This alone should tell you enough. If TF really was as problematic as some people on these forums are claiming, Blizzard would have already taken action, because that is what they do when systems or features turn out to be bad or problematic.

Given how low a level most operate on here, a democratic process is just absurd. It would be a popularity contest at best.

And how can you honestly stand saying how tf is hated only be the ‘elite’, how can you honestly stand there and say that, while completely ignoring that the exact opposite is also in place, but somehow that’s ok?

Ie lfr players, people who do world quests, hc dungeons will all praise tf, what makes them right, and people who play at a higher level wrong?

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We’re not really here to champion people’s views. You could always suggest elections/votes method to Blizzard.

And I honestly don’t know firstly how you got off my ignore list, but more I cannot fathom how people still reply to you.

You’ve contributed nothing to the community, nothing but parading TF drops from ‘turn up and scratch yourself’ content, and advocating how it’s good to get the best items possible for the lowest effort possible.

elections are too modern. I demand mak’gora

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Please refrain from personal attacks like this. There is no need for that.
You are allowed your opinion, but please adhere to the forum rules.

I have contributed many well argumented replies as to why TF is a good system and works. If you want to discuss them, I’ll be glad to do just that.

You have? Where are they then? I have yet to see any argument for why Titanforging is good for this game. Actually no, I’ll take that back, I have seen a couple of “arguments” for it, both of which were very quickly debunked. Just a reminder those 2 “arguments” I mentioned are:

  1. Blizzard’s official reason where guilds are apparently getting stuck on bosses despite having the best gear they can acquire. I’m still for the proof that these guilds exist, because I have yet to encounter them.

  2. It makes recruiting new raid members easier because everyone is much closer in ilvl. This hasn’t been an issue in the game since TBC, and even then it was more about finding players with the proper attunements than the gear. In this day and age you can gear new raiders up very quickly without Titanforging.

Are there any other reasons why Titanforging is a good system?

not sure about those guilds tbh. but I remember reading an old interview from MoP times, when WF or TF (thunderforge) was originally introduced where they stated that a lot of guilds get stuck on bosses, so thunderforge would pretty much help them to out-gear the encounter.