To re-roll or not

(Vengarl) #1

Hello people.

Has anyone ever re-rolled after playing a certain class for years? What made you happy/unhappy with your choice?

I played a paladin since TBC and really enjoyed it until the point I’m bored and frustrated of the class. Yet I feel like if I re-roll I will lose my reputations, quest progress throughout expansions and I’m really attached to my character it feels discouraging. Please help me made up my mind or share your experiences.

P.S. What would be the best time to re-roll? The beggining of a new expansion maybe? Doesn’t matter?


Been playing a mage since TBC. In Legion my guild needed a tank and I enjoyed the instances with my Druid tank, so I kind of rerolled till the end of the expansion. Started maining my mage again in BfA. Time does not matter, previous raid tiers are obsolete once the new one is out and we are funneled with welfare gear.

(Hansmage) #3

Truth is, there is never a good time. Just make sure to get flying on paladin first and if you don’t have it yet, get it WHILE gearing up an alt doing all WQs and so on. You don’t need to farm everything again on your new character just enough to gear it up to the point you need for your level of gameplay.

(Dottie) #4

Just play classic when it comes out.


Rerolling is always a tough process. I also don’t know how the Achievement points display works anymore… it shows 6k for this char, but 17k when I log in game. So if you care about that sort of stuff… idk, might be something to consider.

Personally, I played a warlock in Vanilla and TBC, but I always wanted a DK so I instantly rerolled to one in WoTLK and made it my main.

The warlock was where I had the original netherdrakes, nether rays, the Tabard of the Protector, and all the cool Vanilla items. But those things will always be on that char’s bank/inventory/storage.

DK lasted as a main from WoTLK to WoD when it was no longer fun to me, went Mage for a bit and then Paladin. So I had to let go of even more reps and fun items bringing up memories.

I wish a lot more stuff would be account wide… but especially reputations and their progress bars.

That one hurts the most, as I had to re-grind all the Legion reps on this character right here because the Mage had become unplayable to me compared to the chad melee lifestyle.

To answer your P.S. question, I think the timing doesn’t matter that much. Your conviction does.


Why rerolling?
Retri is a great dps, Hpala is entirely broken, Prot pala is extremely good.
Can understand that all these years you play pala you probably seen + played better rotations with them but hey… They are beasts and you have put alot of effort and many years on it to abandon it, at least at this time that pala’s doing so good

(Vengarl) #7

I still feel like it is hard getting into groups. I get mostly declined because I’m ret pally and that is not fun at all. Also I feel like almost any pure dps class can out-do me in every situation. Maybe problem is me I don’t know .


Assuming you talk about M+, they are xXxxxX. As simple as that.
Retri is entirely broken in M++, its damooge? Its offheals? Its 1key save this guy?

Problem is:
Your class was not represented in MDI, as simple as that. Id take in my group a retri over a WW anytime of the day.

Try to beef up your ilvl a bit and get some more score to impress pugs, im pretty sure you will be fine after this, but youre never going to be a rogue. Nobody deserves to be the melee king since day 1 of this game. :joy:

(Vengarl) #9

Assuming you talk about M+, they are xXxxxX. As simple as that.

Didn’t quite understand what you mean here.


Assuming you complain about not finding M+ groups they are idiots for not wanting a retri. They are so good, offering so much utility but people just think their 7-8-9-10’s are MDI.


I played Enh and Resto shaman from BC to WoD, with a lot of reputations unlocked and so forth as I exclusively only played shaman and never had another character at max until the end of WoD, when at the end of WoD I leveled up a warrior and never looked back.

I changed because I pvp a lot and Shaman was just too squishy and always fell behind in damage and survivability. But Warrior… my god I felt like a god going from Shaman to Warrior. Plus it was nice to actually do some tanking (and be able to kill people).

I say do it ASAP. Once you have you won’t care too much about your previous characters achievements etc. It is after all past content. It’s pretty irellevant (think of it like a horder; they find it difficult to get rid of stuff, even though it’s just sitting around doing nothing, and once they finally get rid of it they realise they didn’t really care)

Plus if there is something you need from the past, just make sure to level up your original main just incase you need to go back to that stuff for whateve reason.

(Hínáta) #12

I’ve played warrior up until Cata, I quit and lost my account.

Started this rogue in MoP as a meme and to play as a casual, never even regretted once.

Fast forward to now, I have a couple of alts, main my warrior mostly and then fall back to the rogue, you could say I maintain two mains, atm I’m focusing on my hunter and warrior.

Start of an expansion or a .x patch.


i rerolled and I don’t have any regrets.
But I tried 8 classes to find a new main…

every one of them felt inferior to Demon Hunter


Played mage for 7 years without every changing.
In BFA I didnt even level my Mage first, played DK, then Rogue, then finally my Mage.

It’s hard not playing my Main, all my memories, reputation, achievements, and just muscle memory is tied to it.
But I’m glad I swapped.

It just gets stale, from Legion to BfA Mage pretty much didnt change in a single aspect for their rotation. I coudln’t do 2 more years of it.
I’ve always envied Warlocks, I love the high HP, big chaos bolts and just he overall visuals of the class. So that’s what I have ended up sticking with.

(Jurgenhan) #15

I just gave up this character as my main for 8.2. I am still using it for achievements prior to 8.2 but my main to do the content in 8.2 is my demon hunter. The reason is that warriors seem sluggish and just even more slower than ever before.


Playig hunter since vanilla.
And I’ve tried rerolling every expansion.
But I always end up playing hunter again.
It’s what I played the most and I know the best.
But mostly it was because guilds wanted me to play hunter during raids due to a lack of proper ranged dps.

if you want to reroll, just give it a shot…
We’re 3 weeks in 8.2 and you’ve already seen everything that’s going to be there for the next 6 months until new content gets added. Might as well invest time in leveling an alt.


I played a rogue from classic up to WoD and didn’t regret changing my mains, it’s very refreshing to learn new classes and specializations

The best time is probably in the begining of an expansion or at the begining of a new patch before new content comes out so you have time to grind AP and gear

(Nisamxes) #18

The first rerolling is always the hardest. Played my paladin from vanilla till the start of wod. In wod decided it was finally time for something new and went with my death knight. And after that it hasnt been too hard to swap mains from time to time. In legion I started playing my warlock, at the end of legion I geared up my hunter and mained it for a while and now in bfa I levelled up and mained a mage for some time. All in all I can’t stand to play my paladin anymore anyways so I’m glad I rerolled off of it when I did.

(Duzurîx) #19

Ye. Played a war up until WoD. There they start making it (for me) boring, unplayable clunky slow dumbass spec. I tried sp and playing it since.


Rerolled a few Times, started as priest in vanilla a nelf priest. Enjoyed the game but never felt home in the community, played till tbc as priest where i found a friend that was horde and wanted be to come to the horde side. Rerolled Warrior and loved the class from the start. Played Warrior up till the end of wotlk where i got my Warrior banned due to billing issues.(still banned)
Rerolled shaman up till mid cata but i missed my Warrior so rerolled orc Warrior. Which is now a zandalari Warrior.