Today is russian bg day

do you enjoy the premades? i like it quick games which i enjoy.

Can we please stop making threads about “the Russians” every week?
Its an old topic.
Russian haters need to git gud.

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I was told I would be fighting the Alliance!


how can it be an old topic when they create premades every week. :clown_face: its always a pleasure ruining the game for west europe

They don’t ruin the game.
They play it like everyone else.

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Not all are premades, it’s the same when playing all german realms… less realm choices mean more players will be from similar realms

If you make another thread about russian premades I will join one just to spite you


he right do russian ruin bg scane most them are premade dany it all u want been on there discord servers all pre made qeu up group 5 treu

Not all, but quite a lot. If you can read Russian, you can even check their guild names, it’s not unusual to see multiple people from the same two-three in one single battleground. And after a while you would just begin to remember their names which also strangely appear in tandem with a slight variation.

Premades are a blight but with Solo Battleground mode soon to arrive, they will become absolutely irrelevant and not worthy of any discussion, Russians or not.

2-3 players queueing together is not bad even if they’re decent at the game. If you can’t overcome that its a skill issue imo. Premades only become obnoxious when they queue as 4-5, with 2 healers, with full gear, with consumables and then rotate as a 5 man squad which is an essentially unbeatable strat in random bgs.

If premades were just 2-3 people queueing together playing as terribly as the average Russian does, the issue would be solved tomorrow tbh.

I meant ten people across two-three guilds that they share, not just two-three individuals, brother. Although I will correct myself here and say that it’s not always exactly ten, sometimes there is only one single group of five while others are random. Still, it’s a five of highly experienced players moving in unison, with their own healers, tank, and shot-caller.

Shared guilds should be a tangible proof for others that these guys aren’t exactly randoms. For me, it would always be enough to just read their names which appear together way too frequently.

Not all Russian bgs are against premades, of course. Even the ones I lose. Today was a good example of a skill issue situation. Our boys were complaining that we were failing at basics because we were against a premade. I gently corrected them that this wasn’t the case, and Russians weren’t better organised, they were just better - at pressing buttons.

This episode doesn’t change the harsh reality, though, that Russians do indeed love joinining random battlegrounds in perfectly set-up groups and a shared burning desire across them to waste everyone’s time for whatever reason by camping the graveyards and not touching the objectives until it’s five minutes on the timer or the opposite team stopped respawning.

I can understand that it bothers you that several groups synchronize to join in the same bg, but complaining about a group of 4-5 players is already protesting by vice.

They’re two different problems imo so its worth bringing up both.

40 man queue syncers just need to be banned. 1 month, then 6 months, then perma. Gaming the queues to get an unfair advantage already gets you banned (eventually, when they can be bothered) in rated arena and rbgs, so naturally it should occur in Epic bgs too. It would be a joke to detect, too. Literally just take every single player above 750 or so honour level and track how often they decline queues. The average player probably declines maybe 1 out of 10 or 1 out of 20 bg queue pops. These guys decline, if Larkus’s stream is any estimate, 50-75% of their queue pops. Just ban em. They’re the yobs of WoW.

As for regular random bgs, a 5 man premade is a different problem in the fact that its actually allowed by the game, but still ruins the game. Some people want queues to be limited to only 2 people or even only solo queue, which personally I think is crazy for an MMO. I think an easier solution is to just give premades a stacking penalty - a reverse of that LFR buff you get from wiping. Queue with 3 players? 10% reduced health and damage done. Queue with 4? 20%, queue with 5? 30%.

This would offset the fact that they outgear everyone by queueing 10-20x more than the average player and would offset the fact that they bring every consumable possible.

Why dont just remove the gear in PvP?

Is the most awful thing.

I don’t see any sense for it. Sometimes you enter a bg with 5 people and you find that all the pugs in your team have 600k while on the enemy team everyone has 1000k. If you find yourself in that scenario and on top of that they apply reductions, things are going badly.

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The legacy reason is that gearing up is a fundamental part of MMOs and it feels good gearing up your character.

The practical reason, at least in my eyes, is that I don’t want absolute dogs logging out and making the current thing and being just as geared and strong as someone who has been playing it for the past 4 months.

An example of this would be if you played a lot near the end of S2, every BG had like 5 MM hunters per side - and that was just the ones who grinded conquest boxes and shipped them over to their hunter alts. Imagine how much worse it would have been if they didn’t need to do that? 7-8 hunters per side at least.

Ret paladins in 10.0.7 also come to mind and of course most recently the DH spree. I hate that - and we can’t tell them to remove the boost or make leveling 3-4x as long because that effects the main game not just PvP. So the one roadblock or rather speed bump that stops the average person getting mauled by a WW monk and instantly logging out and queueing up on their own is the fact that they have to spend a week or so gearing it in blitz / getting 1600 for the tier / crafting items and so on.

If you’ve ever played GW2, that game didn’t have a gearing process for PvP and, sure enough, when I played, every single match was 3 necromancers and 2 soulbeasts or 2 necromancers and 3 soulbeasts. Zero anything else. Then they nerf it and suddenly its 3 spellbreakers 2 elementalists. Literally at the drop of a hat.

You still have your versatility, haste and set bonuses. You still have actual pvp trinkets equipped. You still have people on your team that won’t type ‘gg russians’ 20 seconds into the starting room. If you can’t win as a 5 man premade with a -30% penalty to hp and damage done, you’re doing something badly wrong. The fact that you have 2 healers with you at all times automatically puts you a level ahead of every other team, as their healers are likely to be low geared or go and do something dumb like defend stables by themselves or just /afk when they see Cyrillic.

GW1 was a mmo aswell and in PvP everybody was equall.

The importance of gear progression in mmo is a black legend.

Gear progression is okay in PvE, but awful for PvP.

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and in that game the exact situation I described above occured - they would nerf Shout Paragon and everyone would just instantly swap to Hammer Warrior or whatever - literally overnight. It became a game of whack a mole. You didn’t have people who stuck to a ‘main’ - you were just a terrible player and holding back your team, and yeah it was organised too. There was no random queue option. Your team wouldn’t let you play the fun spec, you were playing Curses necro or you were not coming.

30% is a huge reduction. As long as there are well-equipped people who are not premades, with such a reduction you have already lost, especially if their healers are good or have a tank in good condition.

This already happens in WoW. Just see the DH phenomenom xD

People who are dedicated to playing only what is FOTM will always ruin the game.

and 30% is a huge increase - yet getting the berserker buff can’t let you overcome a 5 man premade by yourself or even with a duo. But a 30% penalty on their part plus the berserker buff might let you do that.

You’re essentially arguing like you’re the only team that gets unlucky with new players and garbage alts. Thats not how it works. Its generally 30-40% geared players, 30-40% ‘ok’ geared players (full greens at least) and then 20-30% garbage alts and new players.

This is BOTH teams. You can’t say “i need my power because my team is bad” and then also say “i need my power because their team is good” - either both teams are likely to be bad or both teams are likely to be good. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Every time you queue as 5 in a geared premade with consumables and 2 healers, you’re stacking the deck and eliminating 5 people on your team who could queue up wearing Lidl shopping bags for a chest piece with agility weapons on their frost dk. The enemy team doesn’t get that luxury - they play the hand they’re dealt and you don’t find any issues with that whatsoever.

What i’m saying is, lets stack the deck slightly less in your favour - 30% to be exact. You can still eliminate 5 potentially worthless team mates from your raid, isn’t that enough? Thats your whole reason for premading. The 600k hp players with like 17% vers, no pvp trinket, no tier, playing melee wings hpala or chain lightning ele.

“it already happens a good bit, so lets open the flood gates” isn’t a compelling argument imo. Anyways, im off, cya!