Together... together... together

I get it! Please!

There’s so much dialogue in the story and cinematics with this constant ending of “together”, it feels like being brainwashed by the constant, neverending “together”.

I understand, you wanna bring the Flights TOGETHER and the horde and the alliance. It’s clear in the overall story, it’s clear in just doing quests; there is no need to keep repeating it over and over and over!

How do you have such a cool, interesting character like Quonzu, with great dialogue and flavor and everything, who challenges the norm in his very existance as Loa of Change, but then turn all the other characters into seemingly the same by having all of them approach this whole idea of unity by boringly quoting eachother like they all sat down and said “Ok guys lets say this codeword “together” all the time to make sure we dont forget our togetherness and friendship!” rather than just … act and do things … uuuugh… together?!

It’s so obnoxius and creepy at this point how every character, no matter their personality, keeps repeating this word like they are a hivemind.

I love so much about this expansion but if i have to hear this word blurted out again by the main characters to tell me for the 10934348time they are unified (I CAN SEE IT THANK YOU) i don’t know how i can keep on taking these characters seriously at all anymore.

This comes after doing the story quest this reset after killing Fyrakk btw. I was on the brink of my tolerance with this before, but this quest just broke me. Aside from that, it was fantastic, which is why it hurts all the more. Pleeaase heavily reconsider how you communicate this concept of “together”; even i am repeating it at this point to get the point across… AAAAhh!

Thank you for reading.


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Really, I don’t care that much about the word, but the concept is thoroughy ruining pretty much every faction and character within WoW. There can be no conflict between good guys, just failures of communication. Because whatever the question is “We can do it. TOGETHER!” is the answer.


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I like your post and I am agreeing with it but sayinh that wannabe owl’s name (which I didn’t notice in first reading) makes me want my like back :stuck_out_tongue:

The writers have left a stain on our world, but as a family, we will overcome it. Because of our friendship and the bonds that unite us, we will forge a new path for ourselves. No matter what happens OP, we will get through this, together.

Hire me Blizzard.


I don’t think you’ve realised… this isn’t wow any more. This is a pixar movie. Love and friendship will conquer all…TOGETHER…TOGETHER…TOGETHER…TOGETHER…TOGETHER…

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Accurate. This game isn’t WoW. It’s Activision Online: Danuser’s Revenge


When i hear the dialogue at the end of amidrasill raid about family, I laughed so hard, i spit tea into monitor. It soo bad, it made full turn and become good again by being so bad. It like the dialogue been auto-generated.

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Because their writers are talentless. Guess the reason they have talentless writers?

A: Blizz are cheap so it’s hard to get a good writer for the crappy pay and hours
B: Blizz current directors are bad so the writers can’t really do much
C: Blizz as a company doesn’t actually care about WoW, as a business they focus their energy on micro transactions that make money and not care about upkeep of the game as a world because the game is nostalgia driven with alot of sunk cost bolted on. They are relying on the too big to fail, whales will keep it going mentality. For now that’s working so why change.
D: All of the above.

At least we get to enjoy the togetherness… Together… :v::blush:

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Along with Alexstrasza’s “For now, (and then proceeds to do something useless)”, these are almost at “another turtle made it to the water!” level.

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we are Fwennds

Maybe it’s Xal’atath already in our minds going: ‘Together…’.

Or, we simply all want to ehm…lift, together?

From grim lore into rainbows and unicorns… Pepa pig storry tell

I completly understand why Fyrakk wish those aspects down

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I am surprise there isn’t more threads about this (from what I can see). I am going to have to make one.

But what is this shift in narrative, thematical and tone we are seeing this expansion? When did everything become so defanged? I know there has always been a balance between light-heartedness and the more darker elements, but how has it skewed so much in one direction?

Problably since the big Blizzard scandal. The time when they removed “saucy” pixel-pictures and replaced them with fruit bowls, was somewhere around the time when the tone for the in-development dragon expansion must have been set. I would expect that there was some sort of directive to “play it safe” and “play it clean”, but apart from that that was the time when FF14 had its grand upswing and dev team hierarchies were essentially overthrown.

Now, WW is where we’ll see how much of that soppyness is sticky. Considering Dragonflight’s reception wasn’t generally that bad, and player retention was actually quite good, I wouldn’t expect them to feel a need to course-correct, but since then they have had another batch of massive changes to their team composition, size and leaderhip, I guess anything can happen.

WWs concept at least sounds a little more “brutal” than “go have fun with dragons”, I guess? I mean, the faction animosity is probably gone for good, since forcing it back in would be just as unnatural als forcing it out was before, but I do have some slight hope for a bit more room for politicing and infighting. Though the darker parts might just be Anduin’s therapy sessions, who knows…


Please no . My ESC button cannot take it anymore . If I see one more scene of “ohhh my regrets and my feeling are soo hurt” , I will need to buy a new keyboard .

Also @OP topic . I see no problem with the old “Together” we had . We were together when Alliance and Horde were fighting all the time .

For some reason, I didn’t even consider the scandal playing a factor in this. Hell, that makes so much sense the more I ponder it. And even some part of me “understands” why they did it (I mean it was still complete knee-jerky reactionary BS but still) but the way this has filtered down beyond turning people into fruit bowls and removing swearing is just absurd.

Like, why did Hemet Nesingwary go from a big game hunter in every expansion previously to someone who only now kills to protect people and putting injured animals out of their misery? Was the concept of someone hunting animals in a game for the sport too controversial now?

Or how or even why we were able to talk Elisande out of fighting us and handing over the artefact despite breaking into her home and killing her guards? Most of the races which were sent would be completely foreign to her, and the talking was done by a Draenei who would come across as an Eredar (aka the Burning Legion) and all the complications that would bring. But instead all of that and more is ignored because we had some nice speech.

I could go on and on and on about this. We have a quest about rebelling Dragonoid and we just talk to them and negotiate and accept we are in the wrong. In every other expansion, a rebellion during a crisis would have resulted in a kill quest, but no, a nice chat was all we needed. Given how friendly and accommodating Alex’ is, why did they even feel the need to rebel and not talk in the first place?

I know the previous 2 expansions were trash in terms of writing and story, and Dragonflight is arguably better in a lot of ways; but even with the lows of previous expansions, it felt like Warcraft, bad Warcraft but Warcraft none-of-the-less This feels like a different fantasy universe with its departure from the darker elements of Warcraft.

I hate it, who is this even meant to appeal to? It certain doesn’t seem to appeal to a lot of people who have played WoW previously.

Well, I think it went from insultingly bad to amusingly bad for many. It certainly isn’t pleasing old-school Warcraft story fans, but Shadowlands’ story was actively pushing people away that didn’t even really care about it, while Dragonflight’s stuff is very, very easily ignorable. It kinda felt like “yeah, the story is a mess, here, look at that cute puppy!” to me, and considering therelatively positive reception of the addon in general, I think it worked well enough on the players that just wanted to play the game.

Apart from that there probably is a target audience for this stuff. The internet is a big place, and among the WoW-players there are certainly quite a few that don’t care about buff green men and buff knights screaming at each other, and care more about people exploring their identities and dealing with their mental issues. Not my crowd, but… americans, Gen Z, whatever, they have their loud advocates in US forums, Twitter, and wherever else you look.

Hm, not to me, no. Shadowlands went all in on “cosmic powers” and “endless multiverse” concepts, and even finished with a “we are all robots”-twist. That will never ever feel like Warcraft to me.

Don’t get me wrong, it was brutal and dark, but that’s only a small part of it, as far as I’m concerned. Maldraxxus came closest to giving me some Warcraft vibes, and that was mostly by pairing the brutality and backstabbery with irreverent humor.

I am willing to admit I am probably wrong on this and if I were to redo that whole ordeal again I would agree with you.

It is just that everything in that expansion was on fire that it just morphed into an inferno.

I refuse to believe (most the second part) is a large contingent of the current WoW player base. And appealing them them people is a mistake. I know the whole “silent majority” is a meme at this point, but I generally believe the majority of people don’t want this, or at the very least, doesn’t want this in Warcraft.

So, people are willing to put up with tonal change because DF is an improvement over Shadowlands as it only contradicts and ignores a smaller bit of the story/lore?

No way I can see that backfiring somewhere down the line.

I am willing to bet this will become a significant issue once Dragonflight is over and we are in the new expansion. But by that point it will be properly entrenched, assuming it does go this route.

I do think they get overemphasized, mostly because they fit the californian sensibilities, and that catering to them might be a mistake, yes. But they are there, and the number probably isn’t that small. I’m thinking of people like T&E, who are promient enough to get on Blizzcon stages.
But I genuinley think that the number of people that have entirely checked out of the story and just use WoW as the social network and forever-game of their choice is much larger, and thus more relevant for the numbers.

Nah, I think they just don’t care anymore, and are fine, as long as Blizzard doesn’t rub the bad story in their faces all the time. I mean… I’m more or less in that camp now. I still like talking about the story, the world-building, and what could have been done better, or what might be cool, but I’m not emotionally invested in the story at all. I think the continuity of WoW’s story is a dead,won’t come back, and the best that can be achieved with what remains is a somewhat fun ride. So… about the same as stuff like superhero movies in the post-Endgame era. Which, to your point, have certainly lost the appeal that justified their budgets by now.

And as an RPer I’m kinda used to working around Blizzard’s lore instead of with it, to make some stories of my own to care about, so there is that.

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