Top 10 tips to be become a better player

Hi guys,

As you know by now Im widely regarded as one of the best mages in the game both in pvp/pve logs. (gladiator/99% logs) and I would like to give back to the community with a late christmas present.

I would like to share some tips how you can improve your gameplay and this has been highly requested in whispers to me lately.

This is tips that I used for a long time, and you can start useing right away if you wanna push raiting or getting better pve logs.

  1. Don’t multiclass

Guys, if you wanna be good you need to focus on one class. I played mage since tbc to become really good. The brain cant handle keybinds on many toons and we are talking about split seconds preasure situations you need to know what you are doing. If you are activity playing more than 2 classes each expansion you need to reconsider your efforts.

  1. Practise your movement

Some of you are backpaddeling in arena/ PVE (pressing S), this never has any value since its faster to learn to use Q and E + mouse and strafe. Start with unbinding the key S, and use it for something else.

Start each wow session in ogrimmar with swiftness potion and pop it outside of AH. Then run around in circles trying to avoid everyone you see for at least 10 minutes. This will get your reactions and movement going for higher content.

  1. Do the math for stat prio, don’t read guides.

You need to know your stat prio inside out, and you must do the math yourself, not checking guides online.

For example for me as a frost mage in pvp, mastery affect my frozen orb damage and icicle damage.

I took the data of 20 arena games and checked the damage breakdown.

-10% of my total damage was from frozen orb

  • 5% of my total damage was from icicles.

I then equipped a +50 mastery socket and checked the tooltip of frozen orb and icicle and saw that it now was up by 3% in damage.

That would be an overall damage increase of: 0.10.03 + 0.050.03= 0.45%

This means +50 mastery = +0.45% dmg increase.

Compare this to +50 versa socket, which gives +0.65% overall damage (no calculations, read from charecter stats)

I have here made my own calculation that versa is better than mastery for frost mages in pvp for example, and I have same calculations for crit / haste. The results for frost mage in pvp:

  1. Haste ( cant put a value, but helps with cc etc)
  2. 50 versa= 0.65% dmg
  3. 50 mastery= 0.45% dmg
  4. 50 crit = 0.40% dmg

Its now easier to compare if items are upgrades or not.

Do this exercise for your main class.

  1. There is a default dealy in the keyboard input, set to 400ms. This limits your dps in some situation.

You should lower this to your network ms + 100.

For me my ms is 20, so I lower it to 120.

/console SpellQueueWindow 120

  1. Learn all classes if you want to pvp.

I start by creating level 110 test chars with classes I knew little about. Take a wordpad and write down 2 main dmg cd + 2 main defensives cd from each spec in the game.

After that use an addon to easy track when those are beeing used in arena, and learn how to react in each situation.

  1. Have a UI where you can easy see your spell cds.

You need some addon that shows your cooldown right below your charecter so you use some abilities the same second they come of cooldown. If you are looking at your action bar to finding out when a spell is ready you are already loosing dps.

  1. In Arena you need a lot of macros.

You need macros for interrupt focus, arena 1 , arena 2, arena 3,

If you have cc, like most classes you need poly foucs, arena 1, arena 2, arena3

You will have many keybinds for arena and it will feel very wierd, but start with a little and do more and more, it will start to feel natural if you dont multiclass and only focus on one charecter.

  1. When you join a raid, always inspect everyone and see if there is at least one player who already have the item you need .

If you dont find this person in the raid, leave and find a new group. It is worth it since you can only do the raid once each week and you need one person who can trade you, to double your chances.

  1. Wow is very grindy so make sure to take the shortcuts you can.

-Only do emessary that give AP, and WQ that is to kill 1 boss

  • Create your own group and do 3 mythic islands. On the 3rd islands you afk after the start, the other 2 will finish since they are close to cap and you are the leader so they cant kick you. Go clean and take a small break.

  • While you do your daily WQ, Q up for arena skirmish+random bg. They will pop while you do WQ and first win of the day give good xp.

  • Make yor own hc warfront group and afk in mines right after the start, go do something else and come back once every 5 min so you dont become afk, collect the loot.

  • When you get an item you dont need in a raid and people ask you if they can have it, always keep it and tell them that you will trade them if they get anything you need. Never trade stuff upfront.

  1. Keep a friendly a nice attitude towards others and give back to the community when you reach your goals ( like this post for example )

I have personally been useing all these 10 points to improve my gameplay and I hope it can help some of you out there. It’s a lite chritmas present to the community.

See you in 2020!


Who are you and why would you be posting this on an alt?

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I would not like anything other than play with just one class but as blizzard is constantly screwing with classes its hard to stick on a class that was fun to play and now is just a dog crap to play.

I never cared about FOTM classes to me fun comes from the gameplay which is hard to have in this game because developers can’t keep their hands off from messing up the gameplay.

Like i used to love casters when they actually were that casters and i did love elemental shaman in wotlk but after they added that stupid *** super sayan form to the class and ruined haste making every caster a proc machine ever since i have been jumping from class to class.

Sure wotlk elemental was stupid sometimes and needed some tweaking but boy i still hate that damn form that they gave to us.

Except going to the kitchen and clean means a nice attitude towards others

Still upvoteing yourself OP with your DH so sad did you find your taunt button btw.


Your stat calculation also doesnt take into account that versa also reduces damage taken, improves your defenses (eg shields) and your trinkets

Point 9 and 10 some people take very seriously in wow.


I agree with OP, great tips

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I hope nobody lissens to this guy.


These 2 things are really weird and contradict each other nicely. but sure.
Lets learn about all classes without ever touching them or playing them.

I am also confused, all the ‘‘tips’’ seem very basic to me and people should be aware of them anyway.

So this is a really weird /flex post.
Anyway, i am moving on.


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hmnnn ok then


No they don’t.

What he means is:
Try all classes for a short while so you know their toolkit, BUT then stop and go back to your main and don’t keep switching classes forever.
It makes perfect sense.

  • 11 Ignore the trolls , attention seekers and other deviate behaviors that derail you from having fun or achieve what you want .

… I see …



Or you can just help finish the island faster and maybe stack up on rabbit’s charms? Crazy I know.



This must be the Masterclass videos Cartman guy. Priceless.

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Why would you even suggest that, not mentioning that you could actually do that? This is so selfish. Leeching is one of the worst attitudes of all, If you afk(ed) as a leader and I noticed your attitude in raids again and again, I would definitely stay away from you! Negative attitudes in premades are easily spotted. Leeching is one of the worst of those kinds. No thanks, I’ll “waist” my time with others.

This must be trolling. I can’t believe this guy would do it!!!

Came in happy, got disappointed, thought wait it’s actually not bad then almost caved in my face with a facepalm and ended up with smile then immediately felt pity.

Thanks for the emotional rollercoaster.

Some of these tips are actually quite good, some are blatantly trollish and bad, I give you 9/10, you got +3 points for giving actually good points, good mixture of troll and truth and for the emotional rollercoaster.