Torghast twisting corridors portals of death


For some reason today after entering the next layer portal after killing bosses in the twisting corridors of Torghast me and my mage friend would instantly die. This happened about 4 times in total (bought a couple of extra life’s form vendor as it kept happening).

Got to floor 17, killed last boss went to the left to kill the wasp rare to gain another power. This time we randomly died whilst out of combat.

A bit fed up to be honest as this is a bit time consuming to complete.

We then went back in (god knows why) hoping that maybe it was a small bug and would not happen again. how wrong could I be this time bought no additional life’s and by floor 12 with no deaths to actual mobs the run was over.

Those one shot portals are a problem that need to be nerfed.

Is this a common problem, have I missed something and that’s why, or was it just my lucky day

Did your Mage friend happen to take the Anima power that causes everyone to die once Time Warp expires? It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen reports like this ultimately be caused by that power.

Why would you ever add powers like that to the game though? :eyes:

Hahahaha that’s probably what happened. I would never have thought that would be a thing though lol.

I will kick him in the nuts and tell him to read the whole thing next time.