Toxic change to public work orders enables scams!

Beware, public work orders don’t require the customer to provide the crafting materials anymore and there is no apparent indicator in the UI if the ressources have been provided! This change benefits no one but scammers! Thanks Blizzard for making professions a toxic environment! The Public Work orders on my server are spammed with 1 gold work orders for consumables/enhancements without provided material, costing the crafter at least 1-2k gold per craft.


Wow, I’ve yet to log and see but I’d like to think they’ll make it very apparently or some form of toggle for mats provided or required. Imagine a 2h weapon with 17 primal moltens getting scammed

I heard there is a popup warning about using your own materials once you click the craft button. Potentially easy to click away as we are used to with pop-ups. There isn’t even a reagent column in public orders like in guild/personal orders though for you to clearly see on the main tab if it’s a scam or not.

It shows items as ticked if they are provided. And it will also warn u that u are about to use your own mats/reagents and you have to confirm.

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Yeah that’s one of the worst changes, since there is a plethora of work orders now that are just scams from people providing no materials and 1 gold for items.

We need either:

  • A rollback to previous system.

  • A way to filter work orders so that we do not get to be flooded by scams.

  • A check of material prices, so that minimum price must be higher than material prices.

As it currently stand, this system is just a downgrade from what we previously had.


I just spent 300 Artisan’s Mettle on filling a Work Order. That stinged a little lol :frowning:

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I didn’t have to confirm anything and lost 300 Mettle. If I had to confirm that I were supposed to provide the mettle I would never have filled the order.

Wow yeah! Seen loads, mainly 2 people spamming them for random amounts from 100-1000’s of gold. How do you report them?

You probably didn’t see, cuz i just checked with mixing rod that someone put without mats and it asked for confirmation.

At this point they should either remove the public order tab, add a filter or revert the system. Even if some orders are not from scammers 500g for my materials are not making it a good deal. Now I simply cannot waste my time looking at 50 scam ordrers and find one that is worth it. Tried to ignore scammers, it still makes the public order a mess of a tab

There is a pop up. But this change should never have implemented.

But then again, I only do Public orders which I feel are worth my click.

It’s not only about pop-up.

Because we have the part of the community that is slightly retard*ed and for months there were whining that making level 100 in professions is too hard - like it was suppose to be easy (by the way - it wasn’t hard - many of my friends and me, we got maxed every profession on our characters and we almost never had to craft something for myself in order to get it).

The problem is that now crafting panel is a big stable full of those toxic sh*tty orders and if you are maxed crafter you have to spent a lot of time to filter this by yourself.

I DON’T EVEN WANT TO SEE THOSE - simple filter button will sort out the problem - some people have spent a some time maxing out their profession not to have to spend hours now filtering the order panel from toxic orders!

Like I have lvl 100 Engineer - you think it was easy to get it? It wasn’t. Why do I have to deal with dozens of thiefs now who want to scam me on arclight capacitor or Khaz’gorite ore?

TOXIC ORDERS - that would be the topic that I would give to the latest update of crafting system.

Ye but like, there is better and easier solution, filter button and I don’t have to deal with the orders which cause the problems and in my opinion current system with orders that are mixed causes problems - at least for me - so I want my panel to be filter from those orders - so I don’t have to deal with people pretending that 2-3 or 5k is a lot in this game and “they cannot afford it” - and I can deal with people that actually respect others work.

Really shouldnt be too hard for devs to make a filter for reagents provided/not.
Maybe in 11.0.

If you look in the left corner you can see a little arrow, you can click to whisper or ignore. put them on ignore and you will never see them again :slight_smile: but yeah this was bound to happen, blizz clearly didn’t think things through again. revert this change please. they should never have trusted people to act like decent people in the first place, this is 2023 for christ sake

I saw the button before but literally forgot about it, when I check later I’ll try it. There’s like 2/3 names that were spamming my realm with part materials so it LOOKS genuine. Horrendous

From what I can tell Blizz has pretty much buried the public crafting orders now. I have barely seen any customers suppling items and most are wanting orders made for next to nothing with YOUR mats.

Change it back blizz, its not helping the system, its making the (already pretty much dead on arrival) feature worse to navigate for crafters.

It’s a horrible change, that nobody wants/needs, except for scammers.

Only other reason I can see that it now looks like there’s a lot of available crafting orders.

The fact they implemented this without a toggle to filter out work orders that do not have full mats provided, is absolute mindboggling in a patch that is otherwise mostly a big win.

If they don’t hotfix this soon, the entire system is just collapse and die permanently.

Wow. I noticed this yesterday. And I honestly thought they couldn’t make the crafting system any worse, but Blizz did not disappoint, accepted the challenge, and made it much suckier than before!