Toxic Social Pressure or Fair Self-Regulation?

Nowadays the server is still rich in interactions and lovely people but we still find things that are nor pleasant for anyone:

a) We find influent guilds humiliating non current members cause IC mistakes (Not OOC).
b) We find people reputation just going out the window cause different thinking about RP issues or styles.
c) We find stubborn old school RPers using their influence to enforce a RP standard base that has ended sometimes being toxic.
d) We see big guilds destroying fresh fry reputation cause they not properly RP yet cause lack of practice.

This among other unfair things, kept by social pressure. I would like you to comment and say if you ever had an unfair situation on the community. And i will be gladly to hear your opinions (bad or good to this post) in order to all come up with a solution for those unfair things. Or your experience.

NOTE: I’m not talking about my own-self and my mistakes or anything about me or characters. Is about the well-being of us all, even for the ones that are different.

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I still have a feeling that the Keti Caravan thread and what happened there is what drove you to create this thread, despite that note at the bottom. Can see why you’d be upset about the things that were posted there, but making vague posts about the situation in a separate forum section to make yourself feel better about all that is not the way to go, I think. :confused:

This post is aside the Keti’s Caravan post, aside of the guild and aside of me and personal experiences. I’m talking about ingame experience, not forum experience (Which the latter is almost 0) . I just saw too much injustice on lovely people cause accepted non-sense and toxicity. I just want with this post to find solutions to those situations, not only for the ones mentioned. But also for the ones that the rest of users had experienced.

You talk about ‘the server’. I wonder if you know how many servers there are for RP. As far as I know there are still three (english) RP clusters, with AD being the only server is that cluster.
My experience is that people try to tell me about what’s wrong and help to do it better. There are lots of ways to do it, some helpfull whispers do a lot for you.
I also noticed in the years I have been playing, that people who try to rewrite WoW lore (often with a hero roll for them self) and do not get better after offered advice, get left out of RP more and more or even get ignored.
I am sure, there are bad apples in the RP community too, but my experience is a good one.


Helpful whispers are always a good thing to help inprove your char and rp but let’s be honest people usually don’t get those at all. I’ve read the post of the Keti caravan and this being related or not, i disagree with the way people reacted to that thread. Most of that could have been solved in whispers with the GM. If i encounter a member of a guild behaving inappropriately then i don’t run off to their forum post, i speak to the gm or officers about it in private. Sometimes guilds get members that are new or rp in an unfitting way but mistakes made in rp deliberate or not, need to be resolved with the leader/s of the guild and not hung out in public for others to respond to. I do recommend that that thread gets removed by the gm asap cause it will only give you a headache and it is not worth the time you invest in it.
Just take a step back, reform and try again. Anyway to get back onto the topic.

Nothing new here. I used to rp an elf years ago and there were guilds that would basically hunt you down if you didn’t rp their way.

Nothing new either. Have that experience because people didn’t like how we rped. They were not in our guild and no one was obligated to join us or to rp with us. Unfortunately some people can’t let go and just have to have things their way even when it doesn’t affect them at all.

This has been a thing since vanilla. Personal experience lies with nelf rpers that think the lotr elf was the only accurate way to rp an elf.

I know who you’re talking about. Not a fan myself and one of the reasons why i don’t post on those forums or reply to posts. My experience with the PCU is…troublesome. Mostly HOC and their “Let me see some papers” nonsense rp. It’s one of the reasons why i avoid Orgrimmar.


Yeah, this thread caught me very off-guard until I realized that it’s apparently about some AD thing. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It’s pretty much about a Vulpera guild that gathered quite a bit of attention in the past few days. They did stuff like kit RP (which a plenty of people found quite questionable, considering some of those kits either are in relationships or have “accept character romance” set to yes :face_vomiting:) or undead breastfeeding and people associated with the guild kept defending this stuff since “everyone can RP their own way”. That’s it in short.

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Please this thread is not about me, my guild, my friends or even that topic. I will be glad if you put those topics aside in this thread. This thread is about finding solutions to injustices and unfairness among the server. Some of them had been told above and others are about to be mentioned.

The fact that you made this shortly after the argument in that other thread unfolded and use similar talking points makes me think otherwise…

I will say is common, and even sort of rational, to believe they are tied together. But no, this is not about that. I’m talking about other issues here. If i were in the same topics i assure i will be just saying so right away like i did on the threads related to that.

I mean no offense, but if this is a problem tied to a specific realm, wouldn’t it make sense to put it in that specific realm’s dedicated forum?

Also re: Coldshade: What the heckitty heck?

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No offense at all :slight_smile: do not worry. This thread is about RPing at AD (And maybe other realms). That is why i posted it here. If i’m wrong for thinking that i could change it of place.

Uh… take a look at the AD forum if you dare. The thread got nearly 600 posts in it now and is somehow not closed despite going on for a couple days already.

I don’t entirely understand the OP, but I definitely see controverse in what Coldshade described.

Regarding the points I did get out of the OP, I think I agree with what others expressed:

If someone makes IC mistakes because of inexperience or lack of knowledge, I’d prefer to /whisper them about it.

My impression from The Sha’glade Cartel cluster is that people choose this solution, rather that griefing and shaming.

If someone deliberately contradicts lore, or IC claim something like they soloed the Tomb of Sargeras, even after such well-meaning whispers, I would probably just /ignore them.

Having no personal experience from AD, I do get the impression that it is kind of like “Sha’glade Cartel on steroids”;

There’s a lot more players (and roleplayers). The good is very good, the bad is very bad, and the obnoxious is very obnoxious.

In an environment of that magnitude, there’s always going to be someone who wants to “rule the world”, and there’s always going to be someone who likes to ruin the (in-game) lives of others.

That is very sad and frustrating, but we are, after all, a “reflection” of the real world, where these types of people - all types, really - definitely do exist.

You can smell when a thread is about Argent Dawn from a mile away.
RP gatekeeping to that degree is pretty much a normal even with guilds and personally I don’t see there being any “change” to that any time soon. As small and typical as it is to say, it’s best to just ignore and move on from people who literally ruin everything and is exactly the reason why you go “oh, it’s AD again”
No one should be treated unfairly because of their mistakes.

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I think there are principles that should work whatever the server. I don’t know what’s the problem with AD would be, if there is any. So let’s talk about the 4 points you mentioned.
(My 2 cents from the outside / out-of-the-box then, hoping it can help)

This seems unfair to begin with, suspicion of butthurt is irrelevant, as learnings from a specific case (or guild) should be generalized when it can improve things. The matter is: “are the points relevant” already. (My apologies for I hardly speak english, I don’t even know what “kit” you mentioned is about so I won’t comment specifically, just in general.)

I really think the goal as roleplayers is to find the RL neutral-good way of thinking. One thing is not inherently good because it’s mainstream and influent. Another thing is not inherently good because it’s “different”, fresh fry, marginalized. One should always think principles and standards as if applied to the greater numbers on the long run.

Now you have one point, influence and domination of groups can harm the general state of a server, as I can testify from my own server where things went bad for years, because of the wrong principles to become dominant and intoxicating the realm as a result.

But I have to qualify this - it’s all a matter of perspective. For the players who don’t care or even do appreciate those “wrong standards” all is fine. The harm is for the others. The question is again “what’s about the long run?” (the overall good of the realm).
What you call toxicity may happen when opposite standards conflict each other, that is life, that is not true gratuitous toxicity like trolling. People should always challenge their ways to that greater good.

About bad behavior that are bad and red-flag whatever the case, imo:

  • OOC speech on those 3 channels: /s /e /y
  • intrusive OOC speech (channel /w included here)
  • unwanted debate about one’s RP or one’s lore
  • naming oneself’s Character outside the range of the existing NPC naming convention (Sorry, gratuitous-accents named people.)
  • playing Add-On standards over Real Game WoW standard by default

Yes I may be that kind of old-school. But if you think about it on the long run and for the geater numbers of roleplayers, one must realize it’ll reach far more immersive and friendly setting for everyone, to apply and even enforce this in one’s own guild/community ranks.

I actually feel both are bad.

Of course, the worst way is starting public /s OOC shaming or ““debate””.
Public OOC is not good either.
Intrusive OOC /w about how wrong you think the other player is… often counterproductive too. You will need huge tact skills while inviting in a respectful /whispers, or a rare humility level from the person.
Assuming that your point is relevant, to begin with.

Everyone should know that one self’s opinion about the lore or correct IC-behavior is often personal, too restrictive or too lenient, questionable, and often fit for a niche RP. (I’m not saying everyone should do anything they like, in fact the opposite - ensuring to question first our own assets in the wider frame of everyone’s entertainment and immersion.)

Then, it is the worst time to start an argue over such issues before (or right aside from) a roleplaying encounter.

If some RP is cringe and if it is not actively harming the greater immersion and well-being (=way more than just hurting one’s headcanon) one should just walk away quietly, or if the roleplay is engaged, stay in-character at any cost.

“IC claim something like they soloed the Tomb of Sargeras”-?

  • Just roleplay and act like as if that random character is bragging about implausible facts.
  • Interpret the reaction of your PC as if they are a character living in Azeroth’s universe.
    Think what they would think. “Well, this bragger is a madman? a blatant liar? Or a powerful illusion / dream has affected him? Did he actually perform this? after the Tomb was almost cleared maybe?”

People should strengthen their own headcanon by facing the world and its oddities instead of fragilizing it and complaining.

Kits are the word used to call baby foxes. I think the Vulpera might also call their children that, which led to a plenty of vulpera child RP. And those characters had their “allow character relationships” set to yes, at times.

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Oh sh-
Okay thanks for the clarification

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Tbh, I have seen people do all sorts of RP I personally see as just BS. Like, playing a Sith with Naruto Eye runes in SWTOR…

It is ok to do your own thing as a roleplayer, but don’t use elements in your RP that go completely against the universe and its lore… Unless you don’t want to be taken serious and be an outsider to all.

Edit: For example recently I met a player roleplaying “Sylvanas Windrunner” in SW as a High Elf. That is an absolute red flag for me. It is one of the dumbest things you can do as a Roleplayer. You can’t just pick a major lore character and play that one against every lore and canon like you want. That is the highest level of being a special snowflake (and in this case Simp too).

Oh yes there’s definitely alot of bs unfair bias going around and just like getting a job i can definitely imagine getting your foot in the door for rp can be just as hard, especially if you struggle with pushing and looking for interaction outside of your go to group.

Alot of people are very quick to pick and choose how they think of you based on premise of your figurative first meeting with developing an opinion of them gets plagued from the word go from a bad experience.

Some of it is validated though especially if people just refuse to follow lore to any amount or don’t try to find a middle ground when conflict occurs

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