Trade Chat is unreadable


I think it was the first one he was also boosting his girlfriend in the video he got hit.


I am fine with boost seller, it is the trade chat after all. More annoying is guild recruitment in trade chat, since its not the place for it.

Seriously, what else would you use tradechat for when not boosting? There are rarely any trades of item in tradechat at all, there is the auction house for that. If you get a RMT offer, just report them and they get banned pretty fast.

(Søssky) #55

Trade chat is nothing but people selling boosts nowadays so might as well just leave trade chat all together.

I thought I’d give the old LF1M for a mythic a try the other day and the whispers I got asked how much ¯_(ツ)_/¯

(Morganaléfay) #56

So many of your playerbase depend on boosts or else they can barely manage to keep their mental playng this “chase the carrot bs”
No you wont ever do anything to those ppl, bcs without boost alot of their “customers” will quit the game in a week.


It wouldn’t even be so bad if it was just from your own realm(s), but it’s literally all realms advertising to all realms - at least make it a forum thing, and clean up trade chat, which at the moment, may as well be renamed to “Boost Chat”.


Try addon ‘Global ignore list’ and create a filter for words you want to block. Beware that any message except guild chat (even /w) that contains the word you decided to filter out will not be displayed to you. It’s a pretty mechanical solution but it’s better than nothing.



Not only is it allowed, its pretty much encouraged since it contributes to WoW Token sales. Chi ching!

/leave trade, because you’ll never get this stopped.

(Maerlin) #60

Sorry for using up your precious ressources :frowning:

But i see you put the little you have to good use defending something most people hate…


Just wait for Classic where people will legitimately be selling items.


This is why wow is dying, even the blues dont really care about their game and will punish people who try to play the game the way its meant to be played and not get boosted by real money (yes it is real money! because the gold come from selling the token)


We all know that trade chat wasn’t intended for people spamming 700 “Selling boosts” messages a minute.

They should just make a separate channel for that stuff, because at this point pretty much all chat channels in main cities are absolutely useless.


Blizzard the same two people have been been spamming in trade chat all day now. One is in ‘Do not disturb’ mode.

Both use timers in theyr messages doing maths… thus both use third party stuff that actually automatics stuffff that litterally spams the trade chat. You should put a stop to these people. People who want to sell smogs in trade chat cant really use trade chat anymore.

(Someoneelse) #65

But doing it frequently is spamming and that is against the rules. Most of them spam it.

If a GM is overturning I’d wager they are not looking at how often they repeat it.

Cash boosting isn’t new it’s been happening for many years. I’d bet most proper boosting done is still with cash.

I was in a guild and there were some gentleman that would brag in vent (yeah that) about how much money they make. Apparently it was hundreds per week. This was either WoD or MoP.


Hmm. I usually just remove the chat all together. Same thing with general chat. If you go to the chat options there is a X you can remove and you won’t see trade chat at all anymore ^^


You understand that it totally undermines the credibility of your game and turns it into pay-to-win via tokens, right?

As soon as you guys brought in the ability to buy gold legit, you needed to ban selling “services” and restrict player-to-player sales to “items only”. The current situation is obnoxious beyond reason, and perpetuates the myth that gear is all, and getting gear can only be achieved by buying it, so you’d better be buying tokens to pay the boosters.

Would you not rather perpetuate the story that guilds and communities are satisfying ways to socialise, and that gathering together as a bunch of clueless, fresh 120s, and slowly working your way to mythic raiding is amazing?

(Jurgenhan) #68

Most of you are making a big deal out of nothing. While I am out in the open world doing quests, I rarely even notice the trade chat.

If i see boosts and other advertisements, I just ignore it and move on. It is not that difficult it is not like anyone was actually using trade chat to socialize. You can however ban the boosters from advertising in the premade groups as that was implemented.

Listen to what the blue up there said it is not a bannable offense. Take it and move on there is plenty more issues with the game than worrying about boost advertisements, like lack of engaging, fun, and non grindy content.

(Someoneelse) #69

Tripe, tokens did not make boosting poplar.

Boosting has been happening since day dot.

Boosting exploded then Blizzard announced that MoP CMs were ending when WoD launched. People with their FotM classes were able to boost people. But what fuelled the fire more was the ridiculous gold inflation allowed by garrison-farms. It was somewhat curtailed in Legion but you still earned more gold per character.

BfA made it so you had to actually play the game but you still get ridiculous amounts of gold. Yesterday I got 4K, yes 4k, just for opening a paragon cache. Something I got just for doing what I usually do. Gold for nothing extra.

Boosting is like putting you life on social media, it’s normal, unfortunately.


But now people can buy moar boosts without actually playing the game to earn the gold.

Let’s be honest, Blizz know this, and clearly it drives token sales. I do understand why their rep can’t agree to this, but it’s so blindingly obvious when people are offering mythic EP boosts for anything up to a million, that money is not coming from in-game sources. Those with that much money have played enough to not need the boost…

(Maerlin) #71

Idc if people buy boosts, i just dont wanna see it -.-


my badboy ignore words:

the eternal palace
full clear
WTS Glory

and there is literally no more spam in the trade chat.