Trading post stole coins

unfortunately does not work for a lot of people. me included.

I have this exact same issue

I had 1600 tender before trading post was closed. Then i completed the monthly activities to get another 500 and now my total is 2000.
Is there a cap maybe? Becuse i haven’t bought anything.

The display in my Trading post log is highly erratic. The currency amount seems to display either 2000 or 0 (changing zones can make it change too) - I believe I should actually have 1500.

The progress bar likewise sometimes shoes 0 and sometimes shows 1000 (1000 being the correct value)

Received Fury of the Firelords now. I have all the tenders, but every time I click on the chest it shows I receive 500 but I don’t actually receive any, thats a bit weird.

so i followed these instructions, checked the trading post again today but still, 0 tenders and nothing to loot from the chest. the chest opens but nothing happens. Seems this thing is still not fixed…


Still have no coins from neither the intro quest, and even tho i did the monthly activities bar, i can open the chest but there is no loot.

So, still at zero coins.