Trading post - where are my things?

My transmog Vagabond from the last month has disappeared.
The mount I chose to freeze has disappeared…
The Ash’Adar mount doesn’t show itself…
It is only the beginning of the list?
Who has similar probs?


I chose to freeze Celestial Steed as well, it disappeared, so I tried to freeze another item to see if it even works, it does, so I doubt it will reappear when they fix it.
I didn’t buy anything last month, but the traveler’s log mount is missing as well.


I bought a transmog and then refund it. All the items from last month have disappeared

My Ragnaros mace, the tiger mount has disappeared. Basically all that I bought last month. Does blizz hire free interns to code their games?


Some people at the TP around me this morning were saying that their Frozen item wasn’t there any more. Mine was. My choice from last month, the pet, is still with me.

The same…small indie company…


I froze the mace and it isn’t showing anymore. I’ll be really bummed out if it doesn’t appear since I’m not into this month’s items at all.

I didn’t have anything frozen but transmogs I bought disappeared and my characters were glitched on the character selection screen. I hope they will fix it soon, doubt that they would just ignore the items people lost or had frozen.


My pirate ensemble dissapeared aswell… :< :< hopefully it will be fixed :slight_smile:

All items I’ve bought are missing the Ash’adar mount is still in my collection but I can’t see it just makes me run at 100% speed

Indie company tho guys they’ve only been doing this for 18 years

I also want to the say the Traveler’s log stuff to do it’s all mythic + related mostly for the most points. I hate mythic + it’s what killed PVE in wow for me.

80% of it is DF end content related stuff only and well we all complaining of being bored doing that content and you want us to do more of it …


Same here, the item I froze is gone : /

Same here all items acquired last month are gone.
Hope they fix this soon.

How do 5 blizz devs fix a lightbulb ?

They just nerf darkness , 2 patches later

What else to expect from the small indie company incapable of fixing Ulduar hard mode loot?

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I don’t have any problems, but I also play with just a few addons. Usually there lies the problem. Good luck.

Yep … the frozen item expired anyway … shame that one the best expansions is also the most bugged.

Addons don’t just remove stuff from peoples collections or make mounts invisible. There are still issues with the trading post, as to be expected with anything released by Blizzard these days. The days of the old “Blizzard polish” is long gone.

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I had the firelands flail transmogged, so i logged in this morning to find my weapons were invisible…

Another silly bug, it’s growing a bit tiresome how every addition to the game comes with a stack of bugs, i just hope i don’t lose the transmog from my collection permanently due to this mess, or i will be quite annoyed.

Yea, it dissappeared for me as well and not only that

but i did not get the 1000 thing from the chest as well. I clicked on the chest, it showed collecting the item but i still have the same amount from last month…

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I had to report 2 bugs ingame already. Last month’s frozen pet is nowhere to be found for me to buy and Ash-Adar has gone invisible. I can mount him but I remain standing on the ground. The game thinks I’m mounted and I move around on the ground at riding pace. If this is happening to you, please report it as a bug ingame. I want to buy the pet I froze.

I also only got 900 - should I have had 1k?