Trading post - where are my things?

My Ash Adar is there, as is the Celestial Steed.

But my mogs are gone. Fury of the Firelord (the only thing I really wanted from the post last month) and teh Vagabond cloak / hood.
As are the Tenders spent on purchasing these items, I have 250 left which is what I yesterday.

I shall remain patient (if somewhat disgruntled) whilst they resolve this. I do hope they have some way of knowing which items were purchase by whom…

You can mount up on the Ash’adar even though it shows a random green icon, but you don’t actually mount up but can run at 200% speed lol.

Mine works just fine :slight_smile:
this is very helpful i know

Do hope they fix it soon

I only got 600 :frowning:

I’m sure they’ll fix it soon, but after the rocky start of the feature last month, having it be bugged in a different way this month is getting to be a bit “Really Blizz?”

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well, this is disappointing.

Just waiting for the Blizzard post now…

‘oh, you thought you got to keep everything!? No it was just a loan for the month!’
LOL :rofl:


Celestial Steed I bought last month is still there, But the Ash is just a green square in the list, I mount and the game puts me at riding speed while showing me running on the ground instead of on my mount.

Also the Shattered voidspire is complete gone from my transmog list. Meaning my staff in game does not appear even though it does the animation to take it off my back.

Yes I use add on’s but 1 item out of 3 would not still be working while the other 2 are not. This is more likely they either are limiting the items to that month of use or They removed those files from the server last night.

I had some weird issues with my headslot reverting back to its original look after using the barber and I wasn’t able to change it back to my transmog until I turned off the ‘better wardrobe’ mod. It might have to do with the same database issue that you are having problems with?

But I haven’t lost anything (Admittedly though: I haven’t checked the mount - it’s not one that I use so even if it was gone, I wouldn’t really care honestly. I like the trading post for the transmog stuff mainly).

I mean the entire expansion has been a bugfest, this just feels normal :sweat_smile:

I’m a bit stubborn in that respect, i am still hoping they’ll learn at some point.

Same here, items from last months are gone, I didnt find my flail mace too, and more…

Same ash’adar is just a green square (i dont even see it when my friends are on it) and the cape just disappeared from my transmog nice :slight_smile:

TBH Im not even going to head over to the Trading Post til I see a blue post about whats going on.
Kinda pointless to go shopping when Im not sure if I will keep the stuff!

My problems:
The item I chose to freeze is gone.
Ash’Adar mount has a green icon and can be summoned, but is invisible.
Garrlok pet has a green icon, and when summoned shows as a blue/white-squared box.
Celestial Steed is in collection, looks ok and is summonable.

I have also lost the items I bought last month, and the item I froze is also gone.

I lost them too but waiting for the hotfix

Is there a confirmed hotfix incoming? I’m a little bit salty atm, so just logged an alt to give me head some rest… yes, I also got “disconnected from Blizzard services” and I am tired and exhausted after a long day, so not dealing with bugs very well tonight!

I’ve encountered the same issue, so has some, but not all of my friends who got stuff from the trading post last month. It’s bloody annoying since some of the transmogs that have been made relies on the items. As well as it just looks silly to float around the world when trying to mount Ash’Adar…

my Celestial Steed has gone, yeah i got that from the shop. Hey blizzard could u not be garbage for 10 seconds??

We believe that this is a display issue on the previously-locked item. It’s still there, but you can’t see it until we fix the bug.

We expect that once the bug is fixed, you’re going to need to log out and log back in to see the previously-locked item.

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