Traditional Flying Coming to the Dragon Isles in Guardians of the Dream

We’ve just updated our Guardians of the Dream update notes with an expanded explanation of the requirements for the forthcoming achievement Dragon Isles Pathfinder, which grants traditional flying in many Dragon Isles zones. It requires:

  • Waking Hope – Complete the Waking Shores storyline.
  • Ohn’a’roll – Complete the Ohn’ahran Plains storyline.
  • Azure Spanner – Complete the Azure Span storyline.
  • Just Don’t Ask Me to Spell It – Complete the Thaldraszus storyline.
  • Embers of Neltharion – Complete the Forbidden Reach and Zaralek Cavern storylines.
  • Freshscales Fifteen – Achieve renown fifteen with all major factions on the Dragon Isles: Dragonscale Expedition, Maruuk Centaur, Iskaara Tuskarr, Valdrakken Accord, Loamm Niffen, and Dream Wardens.
  • Explore Zaralek Cavern – Explore Zaralek Cavern, revealing the covered areas of the world map.
  • Explore the Emerald Dream – Explore the Emerald Dream, revealing the covered areas of the world map.

The Guardians of the Dream content update is coming one week from today, on November 8.


So we have to wait until we get renown 15 with the NEW faction also? Seems a bit too much for just being able to hoover.


I’m sorry I couldn’t resist.

I am hoping the grind with the new faction is fast. Because I want my slow flap asap.


Why flying is always gated behind grind? Even if we already have different kind of flying there.


I personally probably won’t ever use traditional flying again if I don’t have to, but having it stuck behind completing the zones storyline is just weird imo. We can already fly, at most have the exploration as the requirement to “be sure there’s no threats in the area”, I guess? It doesn’t really make sense to make people go back and do the quests to fly somewhere they’ve already been flying around.


This is gonna be very very easy to get anyway, and we need it for augment rune

Blizzard please stop gating flying behind reps. I don’t even want to use regular flying and this annoys me.


Can we please have some clarity on what “many zones” mean?
Which ones have been excluded? And why?

Edit: worked it out.
It works in all dragonflight zones apart from the primalist future


if you force people to do renowns then it means the content that you produced for df was not engaging enough, otherwise we’d all had renown 15 with all factions by now. i’m so not there yet because of the ugly & useless rewards. sorry but time for some #hardtruth


I was wondering this too… :thinking:

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I might go crazy and say that the devs want to show increased participation in the content they creating , so they gated normal flying with a silly rep requirement to coerce people into doing content they dont like
But I might be called a conspirationist :slight_smile:


Why even time gate normal flying behind the new zones too. Bah why bother asking just shut up take my money. :frowning:

All that effort for an inferior form of flight? All this basically allows you is to AFK in the air and little more… And why involve the new zone too? This is totally stupid, what’s the point in putting in the effort for all that grind when Dragonriding is faster and just all around superior form of travel…

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From what I understood, Zaralek Caverns and the new zone are excluded from flying regularly.

Rep grinds are mostly completed by the most players when they are compulsory. Plenty don’t consider a rep grind worth their time.

Renown was meant to be something people could ignore this expansion after it being needed last expansion.

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I really don’t get why it just doesn’t go like this:

  1. In 10.2 you will be able to use non dragon flying mounts in the Dragon Isles.
  2. You’re welcome.

Why are people crying over regular flying when they can still fly with dragons? :woman_shrugging: sometimes people are really feel entitled.

I need more likes for this.


I am surprised they put requirements on it at all, considering at this point it’s really just an accessibility issue for those of us who struggle with dragon riding for various reasons.


druids should have flying without working towards anything, fix that please <3