Transfers open or not?

still can’t use transfers in classic BC

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Not working for me, I want to do my transfer before I choose my expansion because otherwise I think I might have to pay for transfer twice…

So nice of them to have closed transfers cause now I basically can’t login or I’ll have to transfer for both clones

I think they are supposed to be open. It is most likely a bug.

Hope they open soon, have a character with a pvp title I want to boost but also want to swap realms which boosting blocks ya from doing for 3 days

  • You cannot purchase a Character Transfer for a character that has been boosted in the past 72 hours.

Same problem also for me, can’t use the transfer service atm. Did they just close it again?

Yeah, It was open for a short bit but when I tryed to do a transfer it gave an error message.

Then after a few minutes it stopped even being available in the shop.

Did the char transfer CD reset/is it going to reset with prepatch? I transfered a char 1,5 month ago and I want it back on my former server

they said they will be available soon 2 hours ago , all my mates playing already and i have to wait becouse no one make a single statement.
I just want to know if they will be available or not soon…

Where did they say it will be available soon?

I sent a ticket and thats what they answered , check the pinned post about transfers , i pasted the answer there

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@Thelasthùnt + others:

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