Transmog lvl restrictions?

Just curious why is there lvl restrictions with transmog?

Like if I have unlocked stuff on my main I wanna use it on my alts, not wait 80 or 100 levels to use it…

Is there a good reason for the restriction, coz I don’t get it?


I think it’s there so you wouldn’t pimp your brand new level 1’s with a full set of raiding gear. Honestly, it kind of makes sense, because that is silly, and I don’t think transmog should be restriction free.

Although ever since transmog came out there hasn’t been a “wow” moment when you look at someones gear, I still think that current tier transmog should only be available to characters of that level or above, simply because transmog should also fit your character, level included.

Well, I guess it’s subjective, but I’m mostly for having level restrictions on transmog because otherwise I think it’d be a little goofy whenever I would see level 1’s walking around with full mythic sets.

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This defeats the whole purpose of transmogs and makes playing low level terrible. Transmog restrictions should be removed, even between armor type and weapon type. If I want to look like I wield a shield on my demon hunter, I should be able to.

The animations are there and stat wise it doesn’t matter. Can already make an axe look like a warglaive or a bow look like a gun anyway.


You might want the game to be a circus and be hired as a clown, but not everyone appreciates that. I don’t think removing transmog restrictions can lead to anything positive.

Maybe they could remove the restrictions for players with a lvl 120 already or some other main requirement? Before allowing it on alts?

That is a solid suggestion!

My guess is, and I’m saying this without knowing if there is an inherent design limitation, that leveling your character is a journey. Allowing to transmog a character with the flashiest gear, may take away a bit of that journey.

The transmogrification system is something that the developers are constantly evaluating and improve upon. Please keep the feedback about this coming! :slight_smile:


But cant you transmog full T1/ 2 / 3 etc if you have said gear set unlucked for the toon from level 1?

I´m fairly sure I leveled on void elf with everything mogged to BWL gear, T2 and swords :slight_smile:

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Just tried it on a newly created allied-race char, level 20, and yes you can indeed.

General rule on these, content the item comes from, you need to be at least high enough level to get started in that content.
Vanilla raid stuff works on level 1s as they are in the range for Vanilla content, 1-60.
Burning Crusade appearances then unlock at 60 and so on.

It’s not exact as there are a few things that don’t follow that, but it’s a good place to start understanding some of the level limits.

As for the suggestions about the level limits themselves, that’s certainly something the WoW Team will need to look at going forward for Shadowlands with the change in the levels that’s coming.
Be interesting to see how that all works out :slight_smile:


It should really be based on the lowest item level item with a specific appearance. It seems odd that if you have unlocked a lvl 90 item version of an appearance and there is a level 60 item with the same appearance (that you haven’t got) that your level 60 characters can’t use the appearance because you unlocked it with another item even though it is exactly the same.

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Considerable change for minimal tmog lvlreqs can also be for more complicated situations.

For example :
Having more then 1 (or even 2-3) chars of same class on account, from which atleast one is already on current lvlcap.
Don’t you think, that it’s kinda strange not allowing other chars of that class on that account remain lvl-restricted from mogging before they also reach lvl-req for desired mog?..

mog, imo, is fine in it’s current state.

I don’t want to see a level 1 running around in full mythic EP gear, that’d be stupid.

Pretty sure u can mog Wotlk items from level 58? I might be mistaken, but i had the staff from Lich King mogged on a level 58 mage.


I figured as much, kinda weird how that functions though.

A suggestion that could be slightly complicated, but would fit the purpose of transmog, which is to look good:

Level 1-10, intro area, you run around in whatever gear you’re given. It’s only 10 levels and they supposedly go much faster than currently, so no real need to mog right away.

Level 10, you choose the expansion you want to play in through a quest similar to what you get from the Warchief’s Command Board/Hero’s Call Board now. Once you complete the quest in the chosen expansion area, all transmog from the chosen expansion that you own, will be available to that character. In example, if you choose to do Legion content, you get all Legion skins available to that character right away.

Level 20, you unlock transmogs up to and including Heroic Dungeon level. That means random drops, quest items and dungeon drops for all the other expansions, since you already unlocked Legion entirely.

Level 30, mogs from “Tier 1” raids of all expansions. So that means Molten Core mogs unlocks at the same time as WotLK Naxx and Uldir, because they were the first of each expansion.

Level 40, “Tier 2”, Blackwing Lair, Ulduar, Battle of Dazar’alor.

Level 50, all mogs from all expansions unlocked. And you’re ready to enter Shadowlands, so that includes those obtained there as well.

With this kind of unlock, you can satisfy the people that wants to look good right away and know they’re going to be using stuff only from one expansion, while still maintaining the gradual unlock that is currently in place. From what we know so far, nothing is forcing you to stick to the given expansion you pick, so it could be a fair compromise between wanting to level somewhere, while looking like something else. An example would be the Alliance Druid T19 look-alike PVP set. The whole White Bird look is just nice in my opinion. I want my new druid to wear that too, so I pick Legion and get my gear mogged to that set. But I actually prefer going through the storyline of Wrath, so I change to that expansion and gradually unlock the other skins as I level up. I do not get Wrath gear unlocked instantly, because I originally picked Legion.

Does this setup make sense to anyone else?

So you want others to have restrictions because you don’t like it? Great. What’s wrong with having features people like? Why would you want to ruin the fun for us? If you don’t want this, don’t use it.

You’re sounding like one of those “remove flying from wow” people right now.


It’s a feature I dislike. Just because you like something doesn’t mean that it should be added to the game, literally 5 year old logic. “Oh you dislike something that other people like, how could you??”. And the “don’t use it” logic is on the same level. Obviously I don’t have to, but I still don’t want it added to the game and then see a DK going around with crossbows. It breaks immersion completely.

Come back to me once you’ve figured a proper argument instead of “I like it, you don’t = add it to the game because I’m more valuable”.

Don’t like it? Don’t use it. Don’t try to prevent the rest of us from having fun because you’re grumpy about something.

Who even proposed that?

Come back to me once you’ve figured a proper argument to not add it instead of “I don’t like it”.


I actually did. It breaks immersion, and does not fit any kind of a fantasy. Imagine seeing a warrior wearing cloth. Does that make sense to you? Oh, and this warrior uses wands! He’s a special boy.

We don’t need that in the game. And as for who proposed something as stupid as this, I think it was you.

“Transmog restrictions should be removed, even between armor type and weapon type. If I want to look like I wield a shield on my demon hunter, I should be able to.”

Or are you perhaps meaning something else with this? Because to me it seems like you want any class to be able to transmog into any armor type/weapon regardless of what they actually wear.

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Obviously it makes no sense to mog a sword to a bow or vica versa. Maybe you should quote this part too…

this is just stupid, maybe you want to transmog weapon to helmet so instead of cutting with warglaive you will bash your enemies with iron helmet? or boots? if you want to be a DH wearing galoshes as your weapons Blizzard should let you.

Those Free for All transmog fanboys are new generation of players, who never played RPG and never will, because true RPGs have archaic graphics for them. Pretty sure they all are young.

Just to be clear and stay on topic, this topic was not suggesting removing current transmog restrictions completely, just the lvl requirements for mogs you already unlocked on your main…for your alts…