Trolls deserve better

Trolls have become more of a joke than they already are.

There are 9 dungeons/raids where you invade troll capitals and kill everyone inside.

They are one of the oldest and most ancient native races of Azeroth and constantly get treated like dirt.

BFA was a time to fix this, with the Zandalari joining the horde. Instead the Amani become mob target in Zandalar where we attack them with their loa,

And the Few remaining Gurubashi were used as a pathetic quest where we kill them because they are brainwashed

And the Drakarri are extinct accord to the last remaining Drakkari in Zandalar,

The only way this mess can be fixed is to give Trolls customizations in order to Roleplay the tribes, like the Revantusk.

The alliance already have their Warcraft 2 feel (High elves, Wildhammer, etc)

Why can’t horde receive customization to also reflect the Warcraft 2 races, since Revantusk are already allied with the Horde.

I conclude with this,



Platinum wow is the best.

I support this message.


They had it coming!

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I think that the Trolls had to be united into the Zandalari Imperium.

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Troll’s don’t just deserve better. They deserve the world to bow to them. They were the first civilization on Azeroth. And it is a shame how Blizzard has treated them ever since. We need an uprising to remove Golden and Danuser and bring someone to write the stories where the trolls are finally allowed to have nice things.

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You had it coming. Don’t cry when we burn Stormwind next.

Erevien, you know you’re tilting at windmills


You got easy because Baine and Thrall protect you from us. Without them Derek would have been turned and killed the entire Proudmoore family.

No doubt, being the honourless coward you are.

Better then being the sucessor of the Kaldorei empire who brought the demons to Azeroth.

This should have been what happened.

Anyway lets not give up. Forrest trolls will be playable!

we neva give up. we neva forget


And Dark Trolls and ice Trolls.

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Kick the Darkspear out and take the Amani and Gurubashi in.

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pretty sure they are extinct, but didnt stop Blizzard from giving us the skin colors lol

There is at least one in Zandalar. Maybe more had survive.

And why it isn‘t possible that Darkspears, Gurubashi and Amani are at the same Time Part of the Horde?

Because the Darkspear were bullied by the larger tribes. Gurubashi would not accept them especially after they sided with the Horde when Zul’Gurub was sieged a second time.

It’s not wholly infeasible, in the presence of a common enemy. Of course that’d require them to let Talanji have teeth and touch one of the chosen ones. (Aka not gonna happen)

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I feel like Jaina, Genn and Anduin have indestructable plot armor.

Zandalar was the time to do it. Instead they got raided, their king got killed and trolls continued being a joke. Sadge.

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