Trust level 5 - the cow level

(Sinaaki) #737

I wonder where moothilda is, havent seen my cow friend lately :thinking::cow:

(Môe) #738

Maybe sylvanas mistaken her for Baines little sister /shrug :disappointed_relieved:

(Sinaaki) #739

Lets hope not! :scream:


I hope this is visible to evryone … It’s a guy serenading cows !!! :smiley:

Apparently the vid was reverse timegated. :stuck_out_tongue: So here is the youtube one


getting milked uwu

(Sinaaki) #742

Better then being barbecued by Sylvanas :joy:


Jeez… no wonder you think its better… :flushed::flushed::flushed:

(Keenkey) #744

Ooo happened to me too just now! It updated the server information and now again I can’t post links.


I know i’m off topic but though it would be the best place to ask :

Is there any conditions to respect when you post images or gifs on the forum ? Just reached rank 3 and would like to know beforehand if there are anything i should look out for.

I guess NSFW content is banned but how about memes ? Copyrights ?

(Destruct) #746

So can’t name change either? /sigh


Yeah it sucks so bad… think I had trust level 3 like 4 times in total haha

(Keenkey) #748

Fun trust game. 3 times?! You changed server that many times? Or are there other factors contributing to reset?


I did a race change, server moves and faction change.

To keep level 3 you have to keep doing the same stuff, because you can easily lose it from not logging onto forums for a while.

(Keenkey) #750

Thanks for info. Bizzare model.


Yeah. Already lost trust level 3 after having it for just a couple of weeks. I still visited the forum every day the past weeks, replied here and there, liked other people’s posts and received some back, but I guess it wasn’t enough and you actively have to spam-read a gazillion posts and threads.

Kinda annoying.


Is there a way to see what trust lvl you got?
Cause i think i had a while ago on different char dint visit for few days and lost it.


This ^^
I want that as a mount!

Can finally use my wings in demonic form for flying


(Lexicus) #755

Ahh, Lvl 3, it tastes so good!


I’m still fighting for it :wink: