Trust level 5 - the cow level


I somehow lost trust level to post links. No idea how.


as far i get if you have a day or 2off for whatever reason and dont read alot of posts and give out likes you loose it after a day or 2.


So does this mean HL3 confirmed?

(Môe) #760

Is my new form sexy?


That outfit on you is wrong on so many levels :stuck_out_tongue:

(Môe) #762

i know, my entire collection looks wrong now.
goblin transmog, yeah…its a bit challenging :neutral_face: :broken_heart:


And I’m back after a little break away :smiley:


Should’ve picked female goblin for that. Their lips size saves lives.

Better do tmog runs for more closed face outfits now :stuck_out_tongue:

(Teknetia) #765

Uhuh, nope! back in the barn you go!


First time seeing you no offense.

on a side note, how can i become a forum ambassador and is it a payed job?

(Shumensko) #767

Still, I’d recommend an engineering job instead. Pays a lot better.


We’ve been around for a while, although we used to be called Forum Engagement. Aerythlea made a nice intro post about us back in August 2017 here on the old forums

Me personally, I’ve been here at Blizzard 11 years this October :crossed_swords:&:shield: bearer here.
Been helping out on the Forums in some form or other for the past 3 years.
You might not have noticed me recently as I don’t show up in the Blue Tracker for the new Forums, used to on the old one :slight_smile:


Im not much of a gnome or I’d definitely go for engineering :smiley:

okey im gonna apply to whatever now wish me luck

visit forums more often!

(Teknetia) #770

You wouldn’t happen to know when we’re getting the ability to use custom sound files back at all would you?

Totally asking for a friend, not for me at all, no way, moo

(Môe) #771

Guess who just made the cut…


Congrats, but erhm isn’t that a NSFW cow ? :wink:

(Keenkey) #773

Browsed at work. No call from HR so far!


Don´t worry HR will call you, they need rescue Leeroy Jenkins from UBS.


For educational use only: Cow is best pet for hunter!


  • Chaotic strike - rush into pack of wolves and strike them down.
  • Running wild - cow can lure enemy into trap.
  • Faith in white - cow use their white power (milk) to slow dawn any attacker.


(Teknetia) #776

Blizz, please give me back custom sounds, my gun just sounds like a nerf gun now and it should be mooing when I shoot :’(