Trust level 5 - the cow level



Sorry , had to wake you all :stuck_out_tongue:


Theres harmless fun and then theres this crap… we have massive issues with essences not being account bound and you clowns instead do this? Jesus christ i hope a meteor hits this rock…


Go talk crap about your essences somewhere else. We R Cow and we will take over this rock from you whiners :wink:

(Môe) #780

Oh noes the world is ending, no accountwide essences. HOW WILLL WEEEE LIVEE ???!? :open_mouth:

(Shumensko) #781

Want some milk instead of essence?

(Punyelf) #782

(Sinaaki) #783

Did i dream it, or were u a goblin the other day?

(Môe) #784

I kissed bukachu, the curse was broken.

(Sinaaki) #785

Haha nice, the belf form looks better :wink:

(Môe) #786

Honestly i try a lot of race changes for the racials but one thing i learned is, i am always going to go back to that one race within a week or two (goblin was the shortest one).

Male Blood elf on horde
Male & female human on alliance

Most priest sets fit them just perfectly, and i am bound to forever change my transmog every 3 minutes :joy:


Are you sure about that ? How about all the new ctd’s ??? ( that’s cow transmittable diseases )


Gimme back my cow powers uncle Blizz. :frowning:

Wish you could see what exactly you’re lacking in.


How is this massive issue ? Ah wait someone thinKs that people give crap about this sh*tty expansion. Please sir move along. Did you know why are cows so big ? Because they eat every toxic person on Azeroth… be ready to get eaten. Moothilda will have lunch soonish.

(Sinaaki) #790

I miss Moothilda, hope she swings around soon :cow:

(Teknetia) #791


Everyone is fond of cows

Except Mice and Shrew… and Simon Cowells

No wait that’s Owls…

wE’rE oWl ExTeRmInAtOrS

(Brewny) #792

Citizens of Mechagon! Raise your eyes to the skies and observe!


(Punyelf) #793

(Teknetia) #794

Spoiler alert:

When N’zoth is revealed, his appearance will be that of a giant cow.

(Rogmasha) #795

And it’ll be the most mooooving part of the expansion.

(Teknetia) #796

All mouths shall be Moo’d