Trying to get attention of Blizzard

As you probably heard or maybe know, toxic PvP community had big impact on roleplaying on Zandalar Tribe. Now it is basically just another overcrowded PvP realm but with alliance as dominant faction. There are reasons why this happened but I just want to inform you about what is going on. If Blizzard reacts to it and gives a possibility to move from Zandalar Tribe to Hydraxian Waterlords then I’m sure horde side would be glad to have some new faces. I am also sure there are many of us, who would rather play in mature community without toxic pvp minmaxer mentality.


Definately. 15 years playing wow on god knows how many realms, The current situation on Zandalar Tribe is the worst I’ve ever experienced. People are giving up en masse on horde side because they cant play the game. Its insane to see how much the acitvity on horde side have changed and how the general mood has plummeted.


Definitely they should give an option to transfer…


You are certainly welcome on HW.
I considered rolling on ZT but luckily I settled on HW.
Sorry to hear about how bad you guys have it there.

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Would be good to have more Horde on HW. I was suprised not seeing transfers available before phase 2


Thank you guys. I would love to join HW Horde and I’m sure many would but you can only transfer to PVP realms at the moment. There is a problem with RP, not PVP on ZT and this is what I’m trying to tell but unfortunately I can’t reach Blizzard. I remember back then in Vanilla and later in TBC there were Community Managers or even Blizzard staff itself replied on hot topics. I don’t know what else can I do, maybe it’s wrong approach?

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Well, one could also endure a little. Comes Dec. 10th things will cool off for sure.
But you’re right 100%: it’s just another pvp server, only Alliance dominated, contrary to basically all other pvp servers that are Horde dominated. Problem is there is no changing that. It will remain a pvp server at its core.

So the only solution i see would be to create a NEW rp-pvp server (there were more than one in vanilla iirc). Even with no transfer available.

I’m Alliance on ZT, and have different characters (lot of time invested) but I’d re-roll from scatch on a new rp-pvp realm in a heartbeat.

This time only people really interested in rp (but with also the pvp element in it) will most likely roll on it. And get the Honor system (and BGs) available from the start too.

Well said.

For this soultion to work you need to have the PVP situation to calm down and settle, otherwise the new RP-PVP will be full with refugees who want to pvp but have nothing to do with RP.

Anyway Blizzard will or will not come up with the solution THEY “created”. I don’t feel like the playerbase is somehow connected with the staff. We can come up with really great solution and we will never know if we were heard. It’s like reporting a bot or inappropriate name on RP server, those reports just sink somewhere and nothing will be done.

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Yeah. You wound definitely want BGs to be live before making such new rp-pvp realm. Maybe even wait a little after they launched.
I’m positive it would work to a great extent. If only cause less population would in itself take care of many of tue current issues.

I played my whole vanilla time on an rp-pvp server and, although it’s true most of us didn’t really know what we were doing, the overall experience was great. I don’t see why it couldn’t happen again with Classic.


They never really worked. Even in the past realms like Defias Brotherhood were prime examples. Could’ve seen this coming

That might be so. But a less populated server, by that fact alone, would make things at least a bit better.

I find this amusing in a way.

I mean.

Did people honestly expect that this server wasn’t going to be exactly like Defias Brotherhood?

Hope you folks get it sorted out.

Well, paid transfers are incoming. The question is - will there be PVP->PVE transfers. I hope so and if yes - I‘ll resub the very same day and transfer my characters to the HW Horde. Can‘t wait to play again!

We are actually 200 people on Hydraxian Waterlords Horde side … nice people but it’s not enough so I and my friends moved to Mirage Raceway. it’s sad because we would have loved to stay on HW but it’s dead except for 2-3 hours every evening. Can’t find stuff on AH nor sell anything on it, perhaps it’s different for the levels 60s, can’t say I’m 52.

If only Blizzard accepted to transfer some characters from ZT to HW may be that would save HW Horde side but we aren’t going to wait for it and apparently the communication with Blizzard is down, just look at the conflicts that emerged with the last update … could all have been avoidable with some communication.

To recap: we moved from our characters level 50-60 from ZT to HW because no RP rule was enforced and it was a mess with names, use of the public chans like yell and say. HW Horde is dying so we just moved from our characters again 50-60 to Mirage Raceway where no RP is expected, names are awful, etc. Our next move will be to go back to FFXIV probably, by the end of the month and our subs.

Ow. That’s bad news.

It’s the very first time in my “career” as a Vanilla and then Classic player that I have to resort to the other faction AH, paying commissions to Alliance characters to smuggle items I can’t find in our AH to a neutral AH … and I’ve played all the little 1x rate private Vanilla servers in the last decade so that means the situation on them wasn’t as bad.

Sorry, is paid transfers availible now or how did you manage to migrate from ZT to HW?

I rerolled on HW from ZT (started a new character and an alt from scratch), and now I rerolled on Mirage Raceway but got bored at restarting all again and left the game for an other one.

That’s not actually true, the pvp pool alone is double that

your pvp pool englobes all characters (main + alts) that were active in pvp with at least 15 HK.
~ 200 is the average number of players logged on 7/7.