Twisting nether gone down again?

Just got stuck unable to do anything on TN very similar to what happened 2 days ago and at around the same time. Wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue or as no one else in my key seemed to be affected and they were all from different servers.

Yes, it is.

WTF is happening this is the 2nd time this week early in the morning …

Yep, just a black screen when you want to choose a character

RIP night shift ^^ Just trying to farm some crests man :frowning:

same here, been waiting for like 20 mins now for my characters to load up with no hope ffs

It’s back.

Dead yet again… what is happening?

Dead again. 2 times in 2 days.

3rd time this week? Can someone of your team answer why this happen?

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Server dead on a Friday night. Great >_<

This company is trash, why does this happen to good people?

How is it possible that exactly one server is down? On Friday… gj live service game XD

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this is a load of crap what are we even paying for if we cant play

It is the 3rd time unfortunately…

It would be great if we actually got an answer or smth or at least a “we’re investigating”. But yea, TN down, other servers seem to work just fine.

Yup yet in their server status page everything seems ok xD

well, maybe we are all having a collective hallucination xD

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3 times in one week they its like unacceptable. And on top of that 0 information about what is happening.

Classic TN :slight_smile: