UH nerfs inc?

aha so the trend must always be the same, i.e. in the progressive group it simply cannot be dk unholy because it is wrong.

and maybe it was the first time in the history of this game unholy was number one as dps, for example on the last boss at the highest level of difficulty?

  • this specialization does not have any skills off gcd, and the skills themselves are probably the most in the game,
  • it is also strongly influencing each other, that is, the weakening of one thing will strongly influence the whole of this specialization.
  • still the army has 8 mins cd and it is significantly weaker compared to many basic skills of other classes, not to mention much more powerful cd with a short cooldown.
  • we have a lot of downtime in combat.
  • we have weak hits, the strongest hit comes from the talent unholy assault (1.3min CD) for 1800 shadow dmg - compare it to aimed shot (my hunter 50lvl, 2300dmg, condename, slam, mortal strike, templars vedrict (for my 54lvl pala 1600 holy dmg) ,there is a lot of it,
  • I’ve seen warriors do 1 million damage per skill in a dungeon with one skill - it’s impossible for an unholy.
  • currently in the normal raid in our guild hunter mm is No. 1 on each boss with an advantage of over 1k dps.
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The fact that u stated that warriors does 1 mil per hit om anything shows ur true knowledge of this game and no one is gonna take u serious… Wow will be balanced around the raid, it always has. The fact that a class is based around an 8 min CD in this meta is just stupid. And please stop dragging numbers outta nowhere.

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i never liked puting so much power in a 8min CD
army should be reworked to 3min CD, spawns 5 ghouls but only for 15sec, readjust talent to only reduce it by 5 sec instead of 15.

I’d like to see the ghoul responsible for applying festering wounds. That frees up one key at least.

oh so it is normal for you that one skill is so good that the other seem to be redundant? Unholy has to work hard to take damage because he has many sources of damage. no offense, but a warrior never had to do much to gain much.

Death Knight

  • Unholy
    • Mastery: Dreadblade effectiveness reduced by 15%.

I was right.

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UH doing good DPS? bring on the Nerf bat!
Resto Shaman being actually good? oh noes! bring on the Nerf bat!


While some of the changes are questionable, these two are certainly not. They weren’t just good, they heavily outperformed others, which is not okay. They should do this more often to broken specs.

The funny thing is arms warrior is actually stronger in longer fights and no nerf…

People one shotting others and perma stuns in pvp with cov abiltities on certain specs…no nerf…

We not even got out BIS legendary yet and already we are nerfed not by a little by a whopping 15%…

Blood DK is like paper, bone stacks dropping too fast, they reduced our armor by 15% in BFA…and they buff OUR DPS???

Seriously blizz is clueless and im so done with it all.


no king rules forever my son
this is just blizzard telling you to go blood the world needs more tanks :wink:

Yeah it happened but it was to be expected.

I outperformed everything in PvE and the moment there were 3+ enemies there was no way someone would top the chart other than me :stuck_out_tongue:

15% does sound like a lot to me though so I guess we’ll see :confused:

From what I’ve seen on the Acherus discord, the nerf is about 5-6% in total. If that’s true, then we’ll still be the top dog, just not by a ridiculous margin.


I just Said an 8 min CD in current meta is stupid. Did U even read my post? Jeez boi

They Are not… There Are enough logs out now for long fights and arms was nowhere close to uh, uh is topping almost every “long” fight. Its like 50% of dont do any research lol. In all honesty uh needs a rework, an 8 min CD just makes a class impossible to feel good in how wow is designed

The fact that udk got nerfed before nerfing sub is already explains how much of a BS we have to deal with. How is it justified to get nerfed in pvp too because udk was good in pve. 15th spec on arenamate. Prolly will get lower after this.


It was an expected nerf in pve but why extending it also in pvp? Apes


Agreed, they should have left the mastery unchanged in PvP. Unholy wasn’t overpowered in PvP.


its fair, need to recheck values.
was it rating nerf or was it 15% dmg nerf on all abilitie scalings?
we got 18% baseline, so the 10% cut already starts at 48%, maybe this change will help even the stats as mastery was kicking all the other stats in the ground, maybe haste will rise to better match mastery weights

i know my 171 quantum device gave 520 mastery (33.4%) for 20secs, that was fun for army
edit: nop, 520 mastery still gives 33.4%

no they dont.

https:// www .warcraftlogs.com/zone/statistics/26/#sample=7&difficulty=3

Arms so stronk!