UI help needed Carets?

This is about the Classic part of the game.

I have not used addons for playing WoW, but as I read a post telling that we could just NOT use the enforced QoL changes. Then I found one addon helping me, but now I’m stuck.
I have a problem. I’d like a macro for Classic that hides FP icons and the carets (small up and down aarrows) that show if a node, Questgiver, or Quest Item is above or below you.
Can anyone tell me an addon that doess this.
Teh problem more specuific is that since the carets were not in game until the Legion pre-patch, no old addon contains anything about them. And I do not know what the carets are called in the code text making them.

Thanks in advance for any help.

PS: I have tried modifying addons, but shoot anyways new eyes may see clearer.

AFAIK the minimap is pretty locked down. You can layer things on top of it (which is what addons like GatherMate do) but you can’t modify what Blizz has put on it.

Thanks for this rather downcasting news.

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