Is There Seriously No Gender Option In WOTLK PTR?

You tried this trick once already. I told you to look … Well, I can only say you did not look close enough. Do you need help. then start here: List of things that MUST be in TBC Classic - #16 by Vanillataur-nethergarde-keep

Where did I say that? Where does WotLK say “body type 1” and “body type 2”? Have you seen the change ingame? They’re not numbered and the fact that you think they are makes me think you haven’t seen it for yourself, which makes complaining about it a bit weird.

Yes, exactly. This change is intended to make people for whom it’s relevant feel more comfortable choosing their body type and gender separately. They are two separate things.

Er, where’s it going to lead? Is this some conspiracy thing?

If someone asks you to refer to them a certain way and you deliberately refer to them a different way, you’d at least be being rude. If you’re doing it because the idea of trans people or nonbinary people or whatever offends you, then yes you’d be a bigot. You’re free to just not interact with people though. Nobody is making you talk to anyone, so if this situation arises you have deliberately set out to cause offence.

It changes nothing for you, and you’ve even said so multiple times. It does change something for some people, for the better.

No, I’m not. If anything, you’re the one saying that.

What feminine traits or stereotypes are we talking about here, specifically? Please give me your definition of a woman.

What does “conforming to their world view” mean in this context?

This is what I was talking about. You’ve posted about other issues enough to use them as a defence/example, but no more. Can you show me your many dozens of posts about e.g. minimap carets? Because you’ve posted about gender and body types a lot.


search Vanillataur carets yourself.

PS. Nice conspiarcy., I posted some posts about carets more than a year ago in order toi be able to cover up my #noChanges policy of a change I did not even know was coming. Too crazy this!

I get 4 results for that search.

You have 71 posts in this thread alone and you have posted in multiple other threads about gender and body type.

I’m not suggesting that you planned this in advance.

All I’m saying is that I think it’s obvious that this change bothers you on a personal level despite your protestations, because you are posting about it way, way more than you are posting about other things you object to on the grounds of #NoChanges.


How would you adress these differences then? If male and female symbols are removed?

What is a woman to you? Someone with the biological traits or someone who just feels like it?

What do you think?
I do not think gender is a social construct as gender = sex.
Gender is a synonym to sex for me.

Tell me, am I wrong in thinking that, and do you think I should comform to your world view in doing so?

one whole thread and many, many posts in other threads as well.
If you make it to FOUR you need to have the money you paid for maths ins school returned to you:

I just repeat:
Nice conspriacy theory: I posted some posts about carets more than a year ago in order to be able to cover up my #noChanges policy of a change I did not even know was coming.
Too crazy this!

What needs to be addressed, exactly?

If you want to make a male character, feel free to choose the male body type.

You can do that now and you can do that after the change. Your character will look, sound and play the same.

This is my point. What biological traits? Please set out exactly what combinations of biological traits make someone a woman in your eyes. For starters, are we talking phenotype or karyotype here?

I wouldn’t be asking if I knew.

Yes, I think you’re wrong, but you seem to be struggling to define sex at the moment so it’s difficult to be sure.

Cool, thanks. I didn’t know about the @ function for searching users so just searched “vanillataur carets” when I got 4 results. Good to see you’ve posted 33 times about this.

I’ll just repeat:

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Thank you for posting this, I havent laughed like this in ages. The complete lack of selfawareness in that post is just something to behold.

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If you lkook, you’ll also find me fighting against new character models, new AH interface, new water and tree looks, more FPs … and a zillion other changes.

I suspect that if I dug more some old alt of mine began complainig about much of this from around launch. Of course not carets as they came with 1.14.0

This is solely because you and someone else is telling me that it does not bother me. Some of my old Open all mail button posts (on an alt I think) are of the same variety. Telling me what I think or should think sets me off!


This is my first Forum ‘Troll’ made before Classic launched.

It obviously bothers you, I don’t think anyone is denying that.

This particular change seems to bother you more than others, though.

Have you ever thought of calling anyone “woke” cause of some minor minimap change though?

Actually not. If I could choose between this change and carets … Carets would win, hands down as I see these every time I play and body type only on creation screens.
Btw it seems I’m the only one being bothered by said carest, so the forum discussion is not getting anywhere :wink:
It still bothers me that you go on saying that this change (or any other change that bothers me) is inconsequential and so on.

No, and I think I never called anyone woke … also as I just wrote, I have no opposition, or the opposite on the Carets-front :wink:

and netiter have I been called a bigot for being against them :wink:

Whether you do or not have opposition to the caret thing is rather irrelevant to the question, but you have definitely implied that people who defend this change are “woke” on more than one occasion.

Walk like a duck, quack like a duck and all that.

Exactly. - They can choose to play a “biological” female or “biological” male, no matter their gender irl. I fail to see how this is inclusive.
It is the easiest way to say: “we changed” without actually doing anything. This change does nothing for any. Including any lgbtq+ members. Literally nothing.

I think you misunderstood the point.

Gender has plenty to do with the game.

Well, it seems you want to decide everything here.

I like to think of my self as the self appointment mistress of everything inclusive here, so I feel like I decide things here :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you’re a bigot based on your comments, the change doesn’t affect you, but you’re still entitled to be upset about it, and I’m entitled to think that you getting upset about it is quite childish and immature.