Unable to solo galakras

Been trying to solo mythic galakras like I normally do every week but now i’m unable to shoot galakras down. I hit him twice and nothing happens


Same here! No matter what I try Galakras is not coming down…

Just tested myself and the same, unable to continue past this bugged boss, keeps flying around no matter how many times you hit it.

Im having the same problem, last week I was able to do it after a few tries, but today I’ve shot Galakras 10+ times in a row but it’s still flying.

Same here, last week I was able to do it after a few tries but today I’ve shot Galakras 10+ times in a row and it’s still flying around.

Just posting here to say that I have the same problem.
I have shot the dragon at lest 70 times.
And I get the “Galakras was hit” Notice every time

Sounds like a L2p issue

Nope it’s bugged

Quote from Reddit : "
I was going mad because of this s**t, but it looks like killing the commander near the cannon AFTER he/she speaks does the trick. it’s only 4 shots at the dragon."

First Hit and he lands.

That doesn’t work either.
This morning I waited 3 minutes after the tower was opened. before I even climbed it.
I shot the boss 20 times, and nothing happened.

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Sounds like a toxic nerd alert over here

Same here! I tried it on hc but not working…

Seems on US, it’s a known bug due to Remix as they changed the instance to require two to do that task now. And since Remix is on live servers that means non-Remix has to follow same rules.

3 second stun, 4 second cannon reset to fire again so you can’t fire twice quickly as before.

They may not bother fixing it and bring it back to soloable again in 89 days.

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Nice so we have to wait 3 months to keep farming a 1% item drop because of blizzard always messing up , i love this game


Wow amazing response.