Unable to switch into SL Threads of Fate as a max level character

Went to Oribos on my newly levelled Hunter in order to pick up the questline from Genn for the Dark Ranger attire.

When presented with the option for Levelling Campaign or Threads of Fate, I clicked levelling campaign as I thought I’d keep the option to replay the campaign open on this character for the future. The game stated I could swap to Threads of Fate anytime anyway, so I didn’t consider it a big decision.

Turns out you need to have the SL levelling campaign finished to access the questline from Genn. Cool, I’ll go swap to Threads of Fate.

Apparently I can’t do that (despite the game telling me I could). I’ve spoken to Fatescribe Roh-Tahl and there is no option for Threads of Fate?

Am I SOL on having to do the whole SL levelling again to access the Lordaeron questline?

I’m afraid you’re stuck there. I really don’t know why they made this change, but it pretty much sucks for anyone with an alt who didn’t do Shadowlands, since it really closes off that whole continent to that alt.


Cannot Start Threads of Fate

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  • I’ve met all the requirements on my main character, but I’m not able to do “Threads of Fate” on my alt
  • My alt doesn’t have the Threads of Fate option, I would like to skip the campaign

The Threads of Fate option for leveling in Shadowlands is no longer available.

Any characters who have already chosen Threads of Fate prior to Dragonflight will be able to finish it. However, characters who never initiated Threads of Fate will be restricted only to the zone-by-zone Covenant campaign for Shadowlands.

If you already chose Threads of Fate, do not choose Chromie Time’s Shadowlands - Realms of Death. If you do switch to Realms of Death while Threads of Fate is active, you will retain most of the features of Threads of Fate, but you will lose access to World Quests until level 60.

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Cheers for clarifying, Gráinne. Managed a workaround by doing the questline with a trial Hunter and unlocking the Dark Ranger set on that character.


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