Unable to use free transfer on wrath classic due to mailbox issue

I’ve been trying to get my character moved via free transfer so I can actually play the game instead of sitting in a queue all day, but found I was unable to as the game says I have mail in my mailbox. Unfortunatle the queue on my server is 8 hours long and won’t have opportunity to actually do anything at that point. If the queues are going to remain that long I won’t be able to move for the foreseeable future due to working. There needs to be a way to clear the mailbox from the transfer menu. My character is essentially stuck and unplayable until I can get online.

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You can return at a lower peak time when there’s no queue to clear it or ask a GM to clear it. Otherwise suggest it later as well through the ingame suggestion box for a feature to receive mail whilst queueing I guess.

Edit: See purge thread below for faster help.

I can’t get online outside of peak time. Gehennas has very little opportunity to get online without a queue. I’m basically stuck unable to play until customer service responds to my ticket so I’m going to lose at least a day of play time.

Hey Vaerystra,

We’re dealing with a significant influx of tickets at the moment and so GM assistance may take several days I’m afraid.

I hope you can still find a way to get through the queue, or get on during less busy hours soon!

Funny how in US this is solved easily and almost instantly after just asking in the forums…

EDIT: I could use this mail purge myself right now. 10h que at gehennas…

In the meantime my remaining playtime runs itself down with no means to play the game, this is really frustrating.

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Hey cant transfer my char to low population server because of my mail box how i can purge the mail box so i can transfer and clue ?

100% right US servers always solving without any complicated storylines…

The US and EU versions of the game, are run like two separate companies for business (and probably legal) reasons. Therefore management decisions made in the US, will not apply to the EU, or vice versa.

While the situation if frustrating, your anger should be directed at the EU management teams, not at the EU front line staff. They don’t set the policies, and the policies they have to adhere to, are quite obviously, not the same as they are in the US.

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okay , could you solve it for us we’re wating more then 5 hrs now ?

Sure I’ll direct my anger at the EU management when that becomes possible, except that won’t happen. That’s what the forums are for.

You could make a US post, it’s easy to make a US account and level to 10 to post on the forums over there.

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I just made a post over there and they asked me the realm, warcraft account and character name.


Thank you Dottie, they cleared my mail on the us forums it worked

Yeah thanks for the suggestion Dottie, leveled on US to 10 and they cleared it within minutes of posting.
Funny how many hoops one has to jump through to play the game.


I am trying to character migrate my Lozedk Death Knight off of Gehennas(EU) but cannot due to mail in my mail box. I have been in queue for 4 hours and its looking like another 4 hours or so.

Could I have my mail deleted so I may transfer. I am content with losing whatever (likely junk) is in my mailbox.

There has been an identical request in this forum post that was handled.

Thank you so much for your time!

You need to make a ticket or, if you have a character at least level 10 on a US wow account, you can post in the thread you linked.

Alright, how do I even begin making a ticket? Every option I choose in customer service sends me to an FAQ rather than posting a ticket.

You are probably better off making a US trial account, levelling to 10 and posting in that thread.

My mage Faymage on Gehennas EU has the exact same issue.