Unable to use free transfer on wrath classic due to mailbox issue

US forums have megathread where you list your character + realm name and GMs purge your mailbox. Can we have something similiar?

Right now I want to move from Firemaw to Ashbringer, but I am stuck due to error with invisible mail.

I wrote ticket, only to get automated reply with FAQ. Browsing through forums, many people are waiting for weeks.


I have been trying to transfer my character from thekal to jin’do for several hours now, first it said I can’t because of a phantom mail which i asked support to purge it but the ticket response time will take 9 days, and now jin’do is not listed. the problem is i’ve already transferred one of my character to jin’do. So please for the love of god, transfer my second character or if that is not possible at least bring my character back.

i have only 4 hours to play this game and i cant play the game because of queue.I want to use free migration button but i cant use cause of mailbox issue.Please purge my mailbox to use free migration.


You will need to open a ticket and wait.

Or try and login a a less busier time.

There is a US thread where they are deleting mail for people, but you need a US level 10 character to post.

I’m Dottie there too.

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Thanks for asking in the US forum Dottie, kinda sad to see how fast they’re reacting there while EU is left to rot.
I’m experiencing the same problem and have opened a ticket regarding it.

Cleared my mail last night and have no auctions on the character but still can’t transfer due to mailbox. Currently in a 10 hour queue just to check my mail and try again. Madvíllain-Gehennas

It should only take an hour or two to make a US account and level a character to 10 in retail. It may be quicker in the long run as you don’t need US gametime to post in the US CS forum.

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Nice now they closed my ticket with an automated response and still can’t transfer due to mailbox. Pretty pathetic support experience to say the least.
Better level a US character in order to get actual support I guess.

Wait can EU folks get help through that way?

Edit: According the US CS normally one should go through a ticket for EU, but we’ll see.

No Just waiting

They have specific Customer Support forum staff who are on their forums a good percentage of the day. We don’t any more in EU.

I would like my mailbox to be purged/cleared. I can login fine but there is nothing in the mailbox/auctionhouse/bank. I just want to transfer to a different server but it keeps giving me an error.

Please clear my mailbox! I want to transfer and play the game!

It’s very apparent that you lack reading skills, I see your replies on every forum post regarding this matter.

Read the title, ticket for a week and you’re telling me to make a ticket? Lol clueless

Edit: See below for new direction!

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You probably did a quest that sends you an item later, all you can do is wait for either the item to arrive or until your ticket is answered.

Make sure you have no one ignored as their mails don’t show up.

Hello everyone,

I’ve consolidated a few topics about this here.

Thanks for highlighting the US thread and I’m glad to hear some people were already able to get assistance this way.

All our teams are hard at working doing the best they can with the finite resources available, and while this isn’t something we’d normally be able to assist with via the forums – these are extraordinary times and given the impact of the issue, we’ll try to help via this thread as well.

Starting from this post, please add the details of any characters you need help with to make transferable below and I’ll work to sort them out as quickly as possible.

I only ask that if you’ve asked for assistance in more than one place (like the US thread, or in a ticket) that you update/cancel the request once your characters are good to go.

Thanks everyone, and let’s get some long-awaited adventures started!


Luiszizo (thekal) trying to transfer to (jin’do)

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Rahmani-Firemaw moving to Ashbringer, error with mail being present in mailbox.

EDIT: Tyrskorn, you are my hero! Thank you very much <3

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Cerah trying to transfer from thekal to jin’do, but got a mail box error

Should be all set, don’t forget to cancel your ticket when verified.

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