Undead Nelfs in 8.3 (spoilers)

(Призраклеса) #1

So, the worst possible end for Night Elves fans happened, to this :poop: thing
Undead Night Elves, like Delaryn:

No, they did not get killed during the war on Darkshores.
No, they will not going to be executed for betraying their own race, and being Sylvanas loyal.
No, it was not their plan to betray Sylvanas, and no they will not going to join Night Elves nation back.

-in the end, Calia Menethil, the new leader of the Forsakens, decided to leave them as Forsaken members, Horde members!
Those Night Elves will be members of the Horde, their heroes. Without a real reason. Forever. . .


I can’t believe Tyrande left them to rot and abandoned her people like that!

Not like she quite literary begged them to come back during the Darkshore scenario questing or anything

Tyrande needs to die for her injustices.


Good. Fewer knife-ears around Stormwind.


Not a single proper forsaken at that meeting.


I like that they added undead night elves in the mix so absolutely everyone gets mad as far as this “storyline” goes.

(Aeula) #6

I for one look forward to burning Nordrassil side by side with Delaryn to get to those sweet, sweet oil deposits for Warchief Head Councillor Gallywix in two expansions.

(Kanade) #7

Ow man they take the coolest thing on alliance (nelves) and give them to horde? Hopefully that means we get high elves.


X to doubt.


You just go ahead. The SWC has waited long and patiently to nuke that fat toad’s cretins. Consider yourself collateral damage dear^^.


As it stands, if the theory that the “5 beacons to light our paths” are the world trees being destroyed then there is a good chance now that Tyrande is behind it as she is the one leading an army to Nordrassil now :P.

Army of the Blackmoon vs Cenarion Circle. The hype is real.

(Kanade) #11

Ok Amy Shumer.

(Azuriida) #12

that is not for kul tiran to doubt about it :stuck_out_tongue:

(Aeula) #13

Wait, I’ve not heard of this theory. It sounds too interesting for Blizzard though.


I heard Dark Ranger class mounts were found in the ptr…


Apart from Voss not a single of those Characters look like actual Forsaken. Blizzard stop the sexy model lookalikes pls.

(Vonen) #16

They gave a toy to Horde players after Darkshore. Brynja’s Beacon. The flavor text is:“It is said that only the most powerful can dominate the wills of the risen.” That suggest that they are controlled by a powerful Death entity. Also the original Forsakens where controled to follow Arthas, the new ones follow Sylvanas willingly?
I asked you about them and you replayed that in an interview they said they will play a part in the story.
They abandoned that arc?
Only a means to give Horde Dark Rangers clash?
Still controlled?
What Jabjan said?
I can’t tell.

(Tyrandé) #17

Dark Rangers for the Horde and Night Warriors for the Alliance as a new class?
Also Delaryn can go rot in hell, that fofdjf cundgdt ! she is not even a Sylvanas loyalist, she is now under the impression that she is a true Horde Forsaken lol.
The writers really need to stop this charade !

(Maxon) #18

This is hilarious. The undead nelves weren’t even remotely abandoned.

Every nelf npc who spoke to an undead nelf practically begged for them to join the living.

(Azuriida) #19

Read what Voss says.Clearly wow writers don’t know what free will is

(Tyrandé) #20

Remember how Liadrin said something similar in Legion ! now we got Lying Liadrin and Lying Lilian !!!