Unlock Firemaw

Too little, too late.

This needed to be done several weeks ago. It is now too late to save Hordeside and there will only be an influx of Alliance on Firemaw. At least if faction change was allowed I could have a community to play with on there.

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Yeah, same tho im starting to doubt if server transfers to firemaw will open aswell, since it only says character creation.

OMG a Blue post replying to a thread!


That’s quite depressing to read, that the population balance has gone down the drain. They should have locked it to 1 side.

Quess I’ll wait for fresh servers.

Very depressing because it was the best server. Full of opportunities in both pve and pvp. When playing on monofaction servers. It just feels like half game missing when you can freely move around without looking over your shoulder.

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While this is pretty impressing, it would be even more so, if the blue post was actually right…


So very true. Maybe it was pre-emptive.

I dont think its real person, its probably just some forum bot they use to copy paste announcements between the different forum regions and this one just misfired and posted it earlier …

its probably meant to come after reset tomorrow …

For those that wants a bit of world pvp as horde. Firemaw is still the best option. There are still more horde players here than most other servers.

Blizzard is soon shutting down a lot of small servers. They have said that those players will be transfered where they find it fit. Right now, it would be very fit to place all the horde from those servers on firemaw. They will for sure not put them on overcrowded Gehennas or Golemagg for that sake.

I also know a lot of people already that regret moving to Gehennas as it is a pretty toxic server full of GDKP and boosting.

World PVP is dead, the only world PVP is Seal Team Six ganking on the Isle.

FIremaw is just as full of toxix GDKP’s, in fact it’s 50/50 if you’re going to get scammed in a GDKP these days the amount of Gold Sellers running them.

Boosting? go up to Strat Back Entrance and tell me Firemaw doesn’t have this issue.

One look at Shat/Org would tell you otherwise, LFG moves at one post every couple minutes. There is no horde population left on Firemaw, you can’t recover from this.
Any player that moves to Firemaw Horde will regret it because there is nobody to play with.

Alliance side ? Horde side there is no GKDP atm

dont forget that there are two layers. I have a 70 there and a who 1-10 11-20 etc. showed quite a lot there yesterday compared to really dead servers.

If you want to see a dead server, try alliance Gehennas.

Dude the Firemaw discord has Horde GDKP’s on Blackslist, yes there are more alliance ones but that’s because Alliance are the bigger faction …

I havent seen any GKDP raids on FM horde since the exodus. And I play there every day. If they are there, they are not particullary visible anymore at least.

Horde GDKP’s in the Firemaw Discored these are the ones advertised. I imagine there are more

Innuendo GDKP
Pugging Friends GDKP
Sadistic Minds GDKP
Drain Gang GDKP
Firemaw Horde GDKP ft. Rumours
MmBoKo’s Pugs

Could well be they’ve all left or on a siesta due to the weather, summer is here and people would rather be out in the sun than play wow. They equally could have transfered off with the FM to GH exploit with no gold cap who knows …

Yo , any ETA on Summer XP buff ? You could use it as a PR bonus now also , you know xp buff keeps people inside during heat waves .

still locked

Why though? Are you guys going to keep an eye on the bots and gdkp crowd? That is just inviting them back to destroy the realm. Please do something to safeguard firemaw

Still locked! my girlfriend is eager to start playing WoW with da bois. FIX THIS FASTER!

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