Unlock Firemaw

It’s been locked long enough now, open it already!


„Nah“ (c) Metal-head from „Invincible“

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What now? xD

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I highly doubt they will unlock it till prepatch, though still no guarantee they do it till wotlk

A few hours ago, we re-opened character creation on the Firemaw realm.


Why does it still show population status Locked? And when I try to create a char there with a account that has not had chars there before I still get “only players who already have … etc”.

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It is definitely still locked. Not sure what they are talking about we have re opened it unless it takes effect on server reset.

If you did good news and thank you Blizzard! :slight_smile:

It would be a good thing to hope for that you allowed free horde transfer from all those small servers that will be shut down. Actually free horde transfer from Gehennas too. Not everyone that transfered there enjoy monofaction server when they had a couple of days / weeks to think about it. Not to mention that you should allow free horde transfer from Razorgore back to firemaw for those that got stuck.

not seeing this ingame atm

I tried to create a character but it says: "Only players who already have characters on this realm are currently allowed to create characters."

I think this will be after server reset.

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Hey Kaivax, tell this smiling girl here that what she asks is bad for business and that your bosses need every single euro from paid transfers to buy new yachts

Horde will surely coming back :rofl:
Benediction 2.0 in 3…2…1…

proof that Kaivax is a member of the bronze dragonflight as he clearly time travels often and got confused about which timeline he was on currently, therefore posting about opening up firemaw a day early


This is great, finally i can transfer my chars and play with my friend in wotlk! Not seeing it work in game yet, still says locked. My guess is it comes with the reset tomorrow?

You liar! When I try create character just now still locked :stuck_out_tongue:

too little, too late…

First you let the server die out, let all horde transfer and then you decide to take actions?

you guys suck!


So now there will be more alliance and no horde :slight_smile: . At this stage I think it’s better to wait for fresh servers.

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It’s still locked ._.

Come on, do it already


Cmon got my imp. Credit card specced