Upcoming Item Level Increase

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Raid Finder (and Mythic) difficulty for Crucible of Storms will open next week, April 24. Similar to Battle of Dazar’alor, you will need an average item level of 350 to queue for it. To help ensure players get raid ready, we are increasing the maximum item level for certain World Quests rewards. This will include the following:

  • World Quest rewards will go up to ilvl 370 (from 360)
  • Emissary equipment will go up to ilvl 395 (from 385)
  • Emissary Azerite Armor will go up to ilvl 400 (from 385)
  • Against Overwhelming Odds (when available) will go up to ilvl 395 (from 385)

Once the update is live it will affect active rewards like the Emissaries, so you may want to plan for when you will turn those in.

Ilvl increase to non challenging content
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Sweet news …


Boring. 10 char


Any plan to upgrade the faction assault rewards too ?


Feels quite unneeded tbh. Most who want to do CoS prob did the previous raid too? So they already run around in 385+ gear. Ah well, good news for alts I guess, but this sounds like a very bad excuse “We added a mini-raid, thus we have to increase the ilvls in the open world”.


That’s the change that persuaded me to play with WM on my void elf priest, thanks blizzard :smile:


Boring. Why dont you just make all loot purchased from vendors for gold and make it all ilvl 450. That way nobody has to do pesky quests and silly things like working at getting better and earning better gear. God forbid people would have to cooperate and work together to achieve silly things like better lootz and shineez.


But is it really needed? Is there not enough “catch-up” stuff in the game already? This doesn’t really change much besides pushing the bottom bracket of ilvl up again, making the pug content all the more… “troublesome”…
The best way to gear at the moment is, hands down, doing a single M+ a week, as high as you can (preferably 10+ of course) and wait for the reward at the end of the week. Loot wise raids are close to useless given the itemization, properties, and frequency of availability - that has only come in due to items being able to roll. Unless you do mythic of course, but that’s a bit of a different league. And that has set a very noticeable ceiling for ilvl for the most, this won’t change that. But this will change the floor of the ilvl, it will rise, making grouping with strangers even more of a mess than it already is, making things like the so hated RIOso much more popular. :expressionless:

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Since CoS is a side raid, we will be in the situation that WQ drop 5 IL lower than HC BoD gear and equal IL in azerite… This is what everybody means with: “Catch-up isn’t bad but not in the middle of tiers!”

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This is why i don’t raid, to many catch ups :slight_smile:


great news!!!

even more ilvl for everyone :joy:

(its sarcasm btw, dont take it serious)


And with this BoD heroic and below is made irrelevant, leaving the 90%+ of people that have no interest in mythic level raiding with a 2 boss mini raid for 2-3 months with many pegging 8.2 for early July to compete with FF14 and ESO expansions…

The logic eludes me, but I guess it’s good news for my plans of maybe returning a few weeks before 9.0, steamrolling everything and having great levelling gear.

This ilevel increase is totally unneeded and probably by many unwanted, can’t wait for the Preach vid.

This gives of a ‘End of expansion’ vibe, rather than a mid-expansion patch one…


I am happy for my alts (6) :joy:


Next week world quests will give better ilevel than battlegrounds?


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I don’t really understand the purpose of this? All it seems to do is put pressure on heroic (and normal mode already really) guilds to quickly get their raiding done, or everything they’ve accomplished will have been for nothing.

Why do you do this? To whose benefit is this? As a Mythic raid leader, don’t worry about us. We can carry people up to our gear levels without this increase no problems whatsoever.

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Reading other responses, since I don’t do LFR and detest it how it has been post-MoP. LFR BoD has a 350 IL requirement, in order to boost people for the LFR of CoS they are increasing the IL rewards by 10 and azerite by 15. Invalidating most PvP gear (except if 2.2k ranked, so rival and below is now same and/or thrash), the vast majority of HC (azerite is equal and the rest is only 5 Ils higher baseline) and almost weekly conquest caps (also just 5Ils higher). Alongside Mythic dungeons from 0 to 9, with M+ 10 just giving +5 baseline on drops.

Well the worst part is the IL requirement of LFR CoS is the same as for BoD at 350… Why was this needed?

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Why though?
We already got more gear and catch-ups available than at literally any time before, gearing has never been as easy or fast as it is now and you’re just speeding it up further now.
Do you WANT people to stop raiding after clearing once or twice and not re-subbing until the next raid or what’s the gameplan here?

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It worked with me, not logging in unless to fill my conquest bar (the PvP chest is BiS for me) or if needed for mythic raiding for what is now current content. Not even interested in reclearing CoS, so hence why I didn’t do it last week/reset at all. I can’t get the motivation to reclear so who cares if I get my AotC at the end or the start when I’m not farming it anyhow.

Gave up complety on alt raids (HC friday nights) ontop of it after 2 nights in Uldir and realizing I was getting no gear and it was easier to AFK warfronts. When you want me to raid after the 1st kill I need an incentive, that can be a one time achievement night or good gear not available through WQ or AFK warfronts. They just smahed HC even harder and thus I lost all motivation, but hey according to others I should raid for fun while they deserve almost (5IL difference base) or equal to HC raid loot because they want progress in solo play with WQ. They don’t or don’t wanna realize this undermines the entire reward structure even further if you do this mid-tier. Catch-up at the end, fine, I don’t care it’s to prepare for the new raid but 3 months in and still not touching HC? Well they probally aren’t interested anyhow.

This tier is so bad we recleared HC just once or twice as a guild because all the other sources were so much better for gearing. Want to do HC? Pug it, till the last raid week in May last year we had a standard HC friday alt night. Now we can’t even find enough alts or mains to even get enough people.


Makes everything invalid again

They tried atleast by making it 5 ilvls bellow HC but the fact that you can touch even normal raid gear or m0 gear from doing open world solo quests with no resistance or skill needed is just more reason not to do any content because I’ll just wait for the welfare emisseries