**upcoming pvp tuning changes**

We’re working on a set of PvP tuning changes that should go live this week. This is what we’re currently testing:


  • Corrupted Gladiator’s Spite can once again stack more quickly when multiple Corrupted Gladiator’s Spite trinkets are used against a target.
  • Void Portal summoned by Corrupted Gladiator’s Breach is now slightly larger and easier to interact with when there are nearby units.

Corruption Effects

  • Versatile’s effectiveness has been reduced by 33% when engaged in combat with enemy players.

Azerite Essences

  • Reaping Flames (Major – Rank 3) no longer activates on player-controlled targets such as pets, totems, or guardians.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented Conflict and Strife (Major – Rank 2) effect from providing additional defensive benefit from versatility under the effects of certain class stuns.


  • Mistweaver
    • Chrysalis (PvP Talent) now reduces the cooldown of Life Cocoon by 25 seconds (was 45 seconds).

As always, we’ll let you know if there are any further changes to be made, or adjustments to those above, and we’ll report the final live changes in our Hotfixes Update.


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In related news, we currently have a bug that is causing Gladiator’s Spite to stack faster than intended. We’re working on a fix for it right now.


Nerf MW Monk more of buff resto druid.

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Nerf Destro locks


Wow half year has past and ppl now can’t face 250K RF crit.

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Can we please have a nerf to destro lock and fire mages? MW is not the only problem.


I really hope you don’t overdue the tweaking and make pvp tanks useless…

Thanks for sharing with us as always later than in KKona land. Also I know you don’t read EU forums but cmon now, how can you allow Destros and Fire Mages to be so busted like that joke isn’t even funny at this point anymore, it’s just sad. On NA forums post about these changes is full of people begging for Destro nerfs, what else do you need to nerf that idiotic spec other than hundreds of replies about it?

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No lock or mage nerf, lululululul.


Noone wants tanks in arena.


Nerf Destro, and BUFF Affly/Demo!!


But in (r )bg’s they should be viable imo :slight_smile:

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So you sat down, thought a few hours related to “How can we kill PvP?” and came up with these changes.

I’ve a plan in my mind, stacking something, if it doesn’t work the way I intend to PvP loses 1 player. Upon these changes Warlocks, Rogues, Mages and Demonhunters will also push more people away from arenas because you didn’t make any changes to them.

Great job, well done.


Can you remove spite trinket from the game, trinket is the worst thing in game at the moment, i know these 1500 2s players typing on forum are crying about everything else but SPITE IS WORST THING IN PVP AT THE MOMENT REMOVE FROM GAME AND THEN WORRY ABOUT EVERYTHING ELSE.

It makes a high rated 3v3 game disgusting , even more then it is now there is no counter play vs it against comps like RMP or WWDK/DH, game becomes about not winning with any CC or a skillful setup on enemy healer , caster classes have to spend 50% of arena moving out of spite, triple spite stacking makes ppl die through every cd in game and it has only 1min cooldown. Ghosts hit for 250k, forces teams to take their corruption gear off in case enemy team is running spite, if they dont run spite you are severly outgeared cuz of this.

In a game where corruption is this important, this trinket has no place and whoever designed it does not understand anything about pvp and should get instantly fired.


I like the idea behind the spite trinket, but it was so poorly designed because as you said it only works with RMP or WW Monk comps. Therefore it should be removed.

Casting some light on destro or fire mage would be nice. We need some thoughts and preferably some action too.

Side questions: Do Blizz actually have a team dedicated to PvP?


I don’t like the idea behind spite trinket at all, honestly in my opinion all these side effects in pvp have no place because they are RNG, plenty of times u get slowed at the right moment by even the 1 corruption side effect and it ruins the gameflow, not to mention eye or ghost spawn.

And i get it they made it so it “feels” like a fancy way of making a stupid char progression, where at start you can’t corrupt every piece of your gear and your limitation are these side effects instead of just a number.

In a competitive environment these things have no place, thats why this trinket is bad, the core idea about these rng side effects that present a char progression have no place in PvP.

PvP is suposed to be a competitive fair (at least gear wise) match between players, trinket abuses the gearing and makes comps that can take biggest advantage of it destroy the essence of what pvp is.

This is a horrible change. Nobody liked the spite playstyle when you have to throw all of your cc on a target and hope for corruptions to proc.

So is this, nerf all corruptions by 33% in pvp instead of punishing players after they bought a full set.

This is a good start, but monk needs more nerfs and so do destro warlock and fire mage. Also consider buffing resto druid healing in the process.

upcoming mage and lock buffs

Fixed it for you.

Sounds great, so when are you going to nerf Assassination Rogues / Destruction Warlocks / Fire Mages and make Demon Hunters play the same game as the rest of us?

I cant even mention that stupid classes name without going off in a rant, flying in the air immuning everything, endless self healing, sitting in meta forever, 2 stuns, everything they do does damage - even their interrupt gives them resources to do more damage… Honestly what drawback does that class have? We’ll get some genius come gliding in on his DH to say something like “just stun them breh thats their weakness” - no sh** tell me which class isnt weak to stuns, many of them dont have 2 of their own along with endless mobility and everything else that comes along with it

Poor old paladins rolling around in a wheelchair and praying for a kill during wings, Warriors are nothing special, DK is ait, WW is strong AF but at least you need to sweat your nuts off to actually play it properly in comparison to DH. Enhance Shamans are a joke, Elemental is meh, Boomkins are mehish

Anyone here tried to hardcast as a resto shaman with a DH and Assassination rogue spamming their 3 button rotation inbetween stuns and kicks? It’s hella fun. The other day we got nuked down during spirit link + healing tide against a DH + Destruction lock. It’s like we see that comp run out of the gates and our strat should be to bend over and prepare our buttholes.

But hey, every now and then we find the occasional normal comp and can actually play the game, or hope the demon hunter gets 2 abilities come off cooldown at the same time so he gets confused about what to do next

Thank you for reading. Good job nerfing those MW monks though, im amazed you guys stumbled across that problem among all the other issues PvP has, but no gj (PS I dont play MW)