**upcoming pvp tuning changes**

Nerf destro locks or some high end players that represent the weak specs quit this season.

Imagine thinking warriors are nothing special.

Guess when you can’t even put rend on 2 targets they seem weak. :rofl:

How can ppl actually complain about DH, they are mediocre at best in 3v3 (the only bracket tjat actually matters… oh ye 2v2 heroes.

DH sees 0 gameplay in AWC and for good reason… first page has 2 DH on ladder and thats because they team with the very best players…

Sure destro and fire mage are busted but DH… totally missing the ball there…

Anyways these changes are a step in the right direction for the overall health of the game, but half-assed as is tradition.

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agree nerf dh


I love that all the specs I like to play are absolute trash in pvp.
Thanks for all the fun in bfa let the same specs dominate pvp for a whole expac.

Either balance the game or make the dominating specs at least fun to play.

Arms warri for example plays like a dumpster on wheels, while destro can be played without keyboard.

Congrats on creating a spec that is neither fun to play nor fun to play against aka destro

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Nerf vitality , fire mages and destro locks


Useless no bro, we just want to tanks dont be available to q arenas. You can do whatever you want outdoor and RBG :slight_smile:

Just look at US arena forums and you have a small insight in things to come :slightly_smiling_face:

A blue post? Here? :astonished:

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Imagine not being able to stand in the middle of arena because of Warlocks.

Congratulations, PvP is ruined. Matches end in 30 seconds now.

It’s kinda strange to have to wait for dampening from 1700 to 2300 around 80% of the arenas.

Lol why do sweeping strikes exist in game?

Happy to get a blue post regarding in pvp changes. Mw monks are welcome but we would like to see some nerfs on destro The versalite corruption could be handled in a different way. I understand the reduction in the effectiveness of this corruption at pvp.Nearly all tournament players have a full set of versalite corruption causing long games.But we dont play in tournament servers.Its ridiculous that u nerf it after the week we farmed it so hard.Stacking versa is the only option we got since we dont have pvp stats.Imho u can nerf it only for tournaments and leave live servers as they are.If u like to nerf corruptions reduce the effectiveness ALL corruptions at pvp to their t2 counterpart.Last, if u want a balanced pvp reduce the 2 most used pve trinkets in arena like drest and bike .

AWC is not a good measurement of how a class preforms, (not) sorry burst your bubble, son.

Neither is reading half of the post of the person ur replying to.

Just look at the ladders and the representation of of x class. As we all know pp flock to the strongest classes these days like flies to sugary substances (or poop)

Nice pun tho 10/10

nerf warlocks already holy sh*** what the hell are you devs doing!

Its copy pasta from NA nothing more

You can’t even fix something without breaking something else, are the real devs coming back from their vacation anytime soon?


All developers create bugs

Congratulations on Versa and Conflict nerfs.

We are getting rekt by every other comp now. Warrior is dead. PvP balancers are so dumb, they don’t compensate this loss of defensive power by increasing some ability damage numbers or by adding 1 sec stun to Charge once again. You will never see a warrior amongst AWC teams from this day on.