Upcoming Realm Connections - Update 24/7

When is this connection “done”?


Unknown, things overall are not going well, this just recently in from US side…


started to think of it, I think one reason theese connections seem to fail, is that it seem like people are transfering to them now, I saw on kilrogg people I never seen before in a guild I never seen before also.

But I cant be sure offcourse, just something I started to think of.

That’s definitely something to look at, although it begs the question: why did it “work” albeit with problems on aman’thul-anub’arak? Surely there were transfers there too, it’s not a minuscule cluster, it’s big enough to be high pop now.

Only counts raiders and mythic+ players nothing else.

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Update 24/7: We are encountering some issues that are preventing us from performing the realm connections mentioned above for the time being. We will let you know when we have more information to share regarding their implementation.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


@Thyvene: Thank you for keeping us informed even though the news was not that good… hugs

I’d like to hope the connections get finished before pre patch or scrapped, cause considering how aggressive they’re being, seeing the eventual result post connected realms is gonna be very important to know if the AH mount is worth (for one with gold on almost all realms) buying for 5 mil before pre patch or hoping for less after, cause as the realm situation is paying less than 5 m seems very reasonable on several realms, but if they make 25-30 megaclusters I doubt it will.

@Esploratore: It is possible that I miscalculated slightly, but I think the minimum remaining number will be around 75 to 78 instead of the current 121 or so… and it might be higher, if they are less aggressive.


German forums have also received confirmation on problems.

Oh, yes, I noticed about german realms, but how do you expect so many realms remaining?

I’m curious to see what kind of population you expect on each cluster, I took blackhand move as an example to get a cluster with 15k people on wow progress, and doing that you get like 40 overall clusters in eu including russians, I’m guessing you think many realms will end up in clusters much smaller than wow progress’s 15k?

@Esploratore: Well… I will try to explain. :slight_smile: In theory, if Blizzard played dictator and just shoveled people in where they fit (including forced transfers), they could CURRENTLY manage with approximately 40-42 realms. But there are at least six major problems with that… 1. Nobody likes being forcibly transferred off their home realm. 2. There would likely be no Italian realms left and some of the German and French realms might also get connected to English ones. 3. The resulting realms would likely all be “Full” and almost all of them would have queues (during prime time) as my estimate on prime time concurrency peak is in the 250 000 to 285 000 players range and 40 realms could only fit a maximum of about 240 000 CCU. 4. In relation to number 3, there would be zero space for returning players at Shadowlands launch. 5. Some of the RP realms would need to be converted to normal ones. 6. EU / Russians ratio and Russian / realms ratios are not divisible by 6 000, which would compound problems 1, 2, 3 and 4.

In short, Blizzard can not push the number of realms too far down or there will be many other types of problems and no room for Shadowlands launch.


Can someone explain to me why there are problems? I don’t really understand it. Merges happened in the past and not so long ago now. Why are there issues now and not then?

@Tifa: The original connected realms program many years ago was not without its’ problems. In fact, if my recollection is roughly correct the program “froze” for well over a month due to some unspecified (to us outsiders) problems.

As to why exactly the current program is suffering problems, too… We do not know. If I had to venture a guess, the numerous changes made over the years have made the process even more complicated than it was in the distant past.

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Ah, ok, keep in mind in my calculations I didn’t change any RP into normal type, nor did I connect any country’s realm with another country, but I was getting results like 1 italian realm left, 2 spanish, 6 russians, 5-6 french and so on, ending up with a total of 40, but I think your point about queues makes a lot of sense, if we ONLY have full realms remaining, which is ofc what I based that assumption on, following the blackhand move, there might be no chance for people to avoid queues.

And true, with 6k capacity per realm there might not be enough space for all players after an expansion launch.

@ Tifa: there’s rumors they fired a lot of people around a year ago, the old round of connections happened 6 to 7 years ago, likely those that were good at making connections aren’t working at blizzard any more.

What about the Classic merges though? Those happened not long ago and didn’t have issues iirc

@Tifa: Errr?? What? I am not aware of any Classic connections / merges, just lots of complaints about the lack thereof… extremely puzzled

True, me neither, as far as I read classic servers were big enough as is for now.

A few months ago they merged some servers on Classic didn’t they?

Edit: nvm those were free character transfers

@Tifa: No worries. :slight_smile: