Upcoming Realm Connections - Update 24/7

In the coming days, the following realm connection will be made:

  • The Kilrogg realm will join the Hellfire realm.

We are planning more realm connections for low-population realms, and we will post further notifications like this one in the coming weeks.

Thank you!


Yippieh for Kilrogg and Hellfire players, I hope they enjoy their new friends and additional recruitment pool for their guilds.


Both seem to have a couple of Mythic guilds so it looks like a nice match :slight_smile:

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Interesting, Hellfire already connected to Arathor, it means the three server will be together now?


Great news! Almost all my chars are on Hellfire, great to see we’re getting more people to meet. Being horde on Hellfire wasn’t great…

I was wondering the same - Hellfire is already connected to Arathor. Can we have a clarification on this, Blizzard?


Good news! It has begun for the EU too then!
Please oh please keep the Al’akir group in mind too, we’re pretty dead over here <:b

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That’s it? Servers like Draenor alliance are completely dead.

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@Bolhafészek: Actually, it will be a 5-way…

Kilrogg / Runetotem / Nagrand joins Hellfire / Arathor, if their plan works.


@Testonek: Draenor is extremely horde biased, but it is also way too big to get connected due to the amount of horde. And there will be further connections, this will not be the only English one. The program 2 is just slow, the same as program 1 many years ago.

Patience. They will probably only do one connection at a time. And I thought Draenor was pretty populated?

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The server balance is something like 95:5.

Yes well aslong as the population in general is high I don’t think they will get a merge.

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Thanks blizzard for this language.
Can you connect KT with eitrigg or something like this. We are 4 guild in alliance to do some PvE, and it’s decreasing, we were 7 3 months ago… everybody leave alliance.

@Tifa: Depending on how things go (the connection attempts have not gone very well, several have been postponed), they might announce more for other languages. English general forum does not directly receive info on all connections.

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Sorry i was posting with my old classic character :o
But yeah save alliance on FR low population realms please. KT/Eitrigg/Krasus/Cho’gall are just dying, group us, this will not impact so much the horde

Ah, so it is just a case of bad communication. I guess internally Blizzard talks about the realms by their “key” realm of the current connection (basically: one of them chosen at random), but forgot that we players still think about the realms mostly as individual realms. We think about “Arathor” and “Hellfire” and “Kilrogg”, etc., not about “Arathor/Hellfire” and “Kilrogg/Runetotem/Nagrand”


We were one of the very last I think last time and thought we weren’t going to be connected at all. It took a very very long time for an announcement.
Good luck to the Kilrogg group and the Hellfire group :slight_smile:

@Ananda: My recollection is a bit vague, but you might have been something like second to last or something like that, very close to end, but not literally last…

well then again kilrogg is dominated whit alliance also I am affraid, but should be bigger pool still.

Both of them have Medium population. The same was true for the US realm connections. Originally the new realm connections where announced as:

Whats up with that discrepancy?