Upcoming Realm Connections - Update 24/7

kilrogg was the first eu realm last time also to be connected when they did it back then.

@Ashbee: To oversimplify, the population and activity levels do not always correspond fully, because the latter is not static over day and the former can also change, though much slower.

EDIT: And since size and activity comparisons are relative region wide, changes to non-English realms also impact English realms.

So “Population” on the Realm Status page means population and “Population” in the announcement means “activity level”?

Just because they didn’t start with a low population realm doesn’t mean they’re not going to do it.



I wonder if they would ever consider joining a Horde heavy realm like Draenor with an Alliance heavy realm like Silvermoon.

I know both are classed as full, but it would redress the balance


  • Your example would create an overly full server with lag and queues.
  • There is no need for faction balance in a realm. It was only needed on PvP realms in the past and not needed anymore with cross realm features and warmode.

I know, it’s just a thought I had. I didn’t say they should do it or it would be practical.

We all know Blizz like doing things in their own way irrespective of what the players think and feel sometimes.

Was just a general musing is all

I prefer they do it their way then get a server full with queue and lag

Oh I meant that as Blizz could join the two Realms regardless what we the players think about it.

I think there will always be ppl who agree with that they do and people who disagree. Can’t please everyone!

We don’t want balanced servers, Normal servers have rarely ever been balanced, however, those days are long gone. Balance serves absolutely no purpose and only ever had a purpose under the old PvP realms system.

A one sided server gives you everything you need, a large player pool to recruit from and a large guild pool to join. It gives a good economy, lots of people around you as long as sharding doesn’t get too aggressive.

We go into the world in WM on or off, we are grouped with people from various realms who choose the same WM type. The only thing that will balance WM is more Alliance turning WM on.

All my Horde are on Draenor because it is a busy thriving Horde realm, all my Alliance are on Silvermoon because it is a busy thriving Alliance realm.


@Ashbee: Almost. The ingame list is a combination of population and activity (hence the rapid fluctuations for some realms). Basically, you will not see Draenor or Silvermoon drop to “Low” even directly after reboot, when they have zero, six or 37 players in, because they have such high passive playerbase. The connections aim for combinations that Blizzard hopes will achieve sufficient activity so they feel at least “less dead” in player speech in term of activity. :slight_smile:

EDIT: The connections are unlikely to create balanced realms as the starting components are often forcibly skewed in the same direction… (due to the fact that many (not all) of the lowest activity realms used to be PvP realms, which were notorious for being horde biased)…

May I suggest that you edit the original post to include all of the realms affected by this? As far as I understand now, the connection will actually be Kilrogg+Runetotem+Nagrand will join Hellfire+Arathor. I understand that in your discussions at Blizzard you want short and snappy names to refer to the realms, but please realize that to us, players, not mentioning the other realms connected to those two ‘key’ realms is extremely confusing.

When I think of Hellfire I think of it as a separate realm from Arathor, even though I very well understand that those are both the same realm, and “Hellfire” and “Arathor” are merely “family names” for the characters and guilds on that server, retained only to make sure that character and guild names stay unique.


There are dozens of realms in much worse state than very healthy Draenor with huge pop.

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So what about a revamp of the realm selection menu so that it indicates which ones are connected?

Edit - decided it’s worth its own topic:

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You realize the “huge pop” doesn’t mean jack sh$% to alliance if 95% are horde?

I hope the connection will go off without a hitch this time. I understand that the merger attempts so far on other language servers have been anything but successful and I have a deep fear that Blizz will get discouraged and either halt or reduce their efforts to solve the population problems this way.

That’d be a nightmare. I play on the small RP realms, that are largely really hopeful for a new connection between them. So, fingers crossed.

It does mean a lot actually. You’re from Draenor? then I can tell you even if there was 1% of alliance and 99% of the horde and the transfer was free i’d do it in a hearbeat.

I play on Stormrage which is connected to Azuremyth these 2 realms are dead and long forgotten by C’thun. It takes ages to sell herbs. Enchants? yeah maybe if i post and cancel auction every 2-3 hours this might actually sell in 2-3 days. Economy is so horrible due to lack of players. And horde doesn’t even exists here.

So yea i’ll stick to my original thought which is Draenor is very healthy server, might have some Alliance issues but none of this concerns low-pop realm connections.
I have 120 Shammy on Draenor, i make more gold a week than i do per 4 months on my main realm.

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What? O_o

Only if the “one-side” is made by 100% players… But its not like that, so you dont have a “large players pool to recruit” if your side its only about 5/10% of players.

That why you must have a quite balanced servers, is not because pvp, its because pve guilds needs players… even for the economy you need players to sell/buy stuff.