Update on game performance?

Any blue update on the horrible performance the game is now? stutters everywhere,slowdowns everywhere?

Are you going to fix the game ?

Or do i have to unsub ?


If you’re having performance issues you should might want to try the steps here: https://battle.net/support/article/18542

We can take a closer look if the issue is persistent. Please upload your system files to pastebin.com and reply with the links to the files using the preformatted text option to encapsulate the links.

the only step here is on your side,to fix the game,the map makes the game stuttering since 9.1 and was partially fixed(since it can be easily reproduced by anyone opening the shadowlands zone map)
spires of ascencion and bastion have stutters
changing a zone and triggering the zone title makes stutters
not using the empowerment button in torghast make stutters
looting a corpse makes stutter
opening achievement tab make stutter
opening character tab make stutter

no its not my pc it your game fix it!!!

i refuse to folow those steps since ive done it allready before and continues the same.
the new 9.1 patch makes the game go from 200 fps to 20 in plain dungeon or torghast or whatever the place random!

theres a lot of posts on europe and us talking about it !


oh believe me my friend ,this not fixed by the end of my month sub,you lose one more customer along with the xxxxxxxxxxx allready lost.


I am quite sure that you will be the straw that breaks the camels back.

Do you realise how immature you sound with threats like that, as if the company is going to be remotely bothered. Also LOL at marking your own reply as the solution.

mate if you like to play with stutters its your problem,you dont pay my subscription so your opinion doesnt matter BROWN POOP to me.

And if i marked has a solution its because I CAN.

and since you are hiding behind your ugly alt,just log your main if you wanna settle things at the gate like real men!

just tell place and time. :*

i didnt went to school with you !


Nobody said you don’t have a valid complaint, but shouting out to the world “Im gonna quit unless…” is just childish. Its not like anyone cares.

Either just quit, and vote with your wallet, or try and enter a constructive dialog with them.

Its not what you say, its how you say it.

oh my friend believe they care,whoever runs the place cares about the money enters my friend. and we are talking about a problem that came with last patch,not some not game breaking little bug.this is massive for people that have good pc and play max fluidity like me.because if you play on a toaster at 45 fps you wont notice theese stutter in the first place,because your pc is a toaster anyway!

if i wanted to play a game with stutters theres plenty of free ones to try PLENTY mate.
if i chose to pay blizzard is because they deliver at optimization,and right now its not delivering!

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We ask for more technical information so that we can work through and eliminate any issues that could be causing the problem, if you don’t want to post the files on the forum then you can reach out to customer support here: https://eu.battle.net/support/en/help/contact/164/ticket

With your help, we can get to the bottom of the issue.

I’m sorry but at 72 years of age I have no idea what a system file is and I certainly don’t know what pastebin.com means. I just like to play the game and have done so for over 10 years. This new expansion has made the game unplayable, the lag in Korthia is so bad I’ve given up the zone. It’s fine anywhere else in the WOW world but taking 7 seconds to loot a corpse is unacceptable and I don’t think the problem is at my end. Regards, AN.


You know, it may surprise you, but it was YOUR generation that actually invented computers. So being 72 is entirely irrelevant.

A system file is exactly what it sounds like. A file that belongs to the Windows operating system, and is where the various Windows configurations are stored.

Pastebin is just a place where you can upload files, so that other people can view them. There are many such services, pastebin just happens to be the most well known.

Your previous comments about not knowing (or apparently caring) about how your system runs, absolutely negates this opinion. You can’t pass comments like this, when you admit that you know nothing about your own computer.

That said, it has been confirmed that it IS a game issue (see Thedarksteel’s post), and that they are preparing a fix for it.

Also, that name… I thought naming characters after drugs was against the Terms of Service…

i just opened 2 tickets about it since the first one didnt went too well and the answer i got was


Hi Bruno,

Tech Specialist Rachiomyst here to help. Hope you’re doing well today. I understand you’re having some issues with WoW when opening the map. This is actually a known issue the dev team is working on to resolve. It doesn’t seem to affect all characters, so that fact that you experience it with only one isn’t too surprising.

As it is a game issue we unfortunately don’t have a work around that could help resolve it for now. However, the dev team is getting a fix ready for this and at soon as it’s done it will be deployed.

I hope that information helps out. Have a good rest of your day!

so is the fix getting ready or we are just now starting to want to fix this issue?

A Hotfix is ready to be deployed but has not been deployed yet, likely you may need to wait until maintenance and the server restarts for it to take effect once it is applied to the servers.

As with most Hotfixes, it should show up on our Hotfix news: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/news

Hopefully, it will be applied soon though.

Probably wont help but try disable windows 10 game mode Microsoft is also bussy fixing stuttering and performance issues with game mode

My friend has RTX 3060 i don’t wanna bother to explain about his cpu ram etc but still when i tried wow on his computer with maxed settings , game stutter like you don’t have enough system req for it. And he said to me like “what is this game’s system req”.

I know the game using old engine but fps problems on high end PC is definetly a company issue. He can play other games at 4K res with maxed. I mean come on we are talking about RTX3060 here…

this has nothing to do with your pc or whatever os you are running.

this is problem with 9.1 patch files.

There are stuttering issues with game mode as well so i would obviously try that anyway Microsoft released a patch for it recently but it did not fix anything they should be releasing a patch probably again this week, no idea why you are so defensive im not claiming the game has no issue but issues can be caused by windows as well

but we are talking here in this thread about the stutters introduced in 9.1 when opening the map in SOME characters on account,not windows game mode,mate theres 0 problem in game mode,i turn it on same has off,0 diference,so maybe its your pc?this is about GAME BEING FIXED not WINDOWS

this has nothing to do with pc,i log in my main its a stutter fest i log in my warrior smooth has silk. got it now?its only affecting SOME character not everyone since i have 16 characters and only my main is affected.and its easy reproduce it,just open the map,or be in torghast with the popwer bar filled or when the zone name appears in screen,also looting corpses and completing objectives,all this only happens on my main,the other 15 characters are OK.

How can you be sure game is causing stuttering then if you do not disable game mode first that is also causing stuttering for some ? your so hostile well fine whatever believe what you want.

because pcs are diferent,and because noone is talking about game mode of windows,while theres MANY MANY threads in europe and america talking about stutters on some characters of the account since 9.1 hit?

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What are your specs btw ? im guessing you have an nvidia gpu ?