[UPDATED 25 JANUARY] Dragonflight: 10.0.5 Content Update Notes

[UPDATED 25 JANUARY] Dragonflight: 10.0.5 Content Update Notes

The Dragonflight 10.0.5 content update is live!

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I can’t wait for this update that will nerf Life Cocoon by 40% and remove Bonedust Brew.

I guess Mistweaver was really over represented, both in PvE and PvP, and needed that massive nerf so that players wouldn’t feel forced to play such an overpowered powerhouse?


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I present to you, proof that they actually listen:

    • Additional cosmetics are now available for Trial of Style Tokens at Transmogrifier vendors.

Can’t wait for my char becoming hot stinky garbage after removal of DT. And we still don’t know why…


Looking forward to the patch. Bring on the transmog! :blush:

Can Fury get some DPS and worthwhile tier set bonus’s please!


Why are there tuning to all classes except frost/fire mage. Completely unplayeble classes with so low dmg


Have you seen shaman changes? maybe because there are none despite restoration shaman seeing literally no play on pve and all specs being unplayable on pvp, lol


They really don’t. Everything still scales with your level and ilvl, no master loot, it’s a snooze fest. On one hand im happy for all 10 of you here on the forums but on the other hand y’all are keeping this trainwreck afloat.


Well tbf, they addressed Master loot in an interview last year. So I guess they did listen, they just decided it wasn’t something they wanted to do.

But I did notice that there was no Buffs to Fire Mage, so they obviously haven’t listened that deeply.

But there have been numerous threads over the years about Trial of Style update. So for them to actually add something is quite nice.

Well that got out of hand quickly.

It makes me wonder why you even bother to log onto the forums if you’re that upset with the game.


Looking forward to the balance druid changes, in particular the removal of Circle of Life and Death, which made DoT management a pain!

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After seeing the Druid new Balance tree, I just want to put spikes in my eyes. So i guess it’s time to reroll my class…

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Wait they’re bringing back the goldthorn tea recipe?

Tiny but great news about the Bag, of course if it means I can resize it how I want and not just move it, which I also want! That would mean one less addon. Wooh!

Will it show the item level at a glance? If not my addon stays.

Ah yes, the long awaited retri pala changes are finally here. You guys made me so happy, let’s go boys, look at those sweet talent reworks, and oh boi, did you guys saw that new defensive ability we just got? And on top of that, we’ll finally be able to deal some damage without people dying around us.

And the cherry on top, they reworked consec, so our DPS doesn’t drop as soon as the tank starts running around in M+
I feel so loved now, Blizzard really thought about everyone and everything <3


I swear I saw those Halo Insanity changes like a long time ago.

I am going to love the Void Bolt change.

Also, can we fix Screams of the Void, its been like this since the end of October. This Spec is cursed to be fair.

The pvp balance changes seem very very boring. Can you please nerf DK tankiness? Lobbies with a DH, DK and a resto druid healer is the most unfun, uninteractive pvp experience imaginable in solo shuffle.
Also: Why would you not buff mages in the current state of the meta? All their specs underperfom in all types of content

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Yeah, their balancing seems very very very lame and sad. I think it would make sense to program an A.I. to do it automatically purely based on data

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And nothing for frost dk… ty