[UPDATED 25 JANUARY] Dragonflight: 10.0.5 Content Update Notes

Soultap for warlock has been removed, why?

Yet again completely empty notes for mage, no nerf to arcane, and just neglect frost and fire. It’s been tough to cope so far, but now you’re taking the piss. Recent buff did f all, and now we’re set to struggle for another two months, GREAT. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. GARBAGE.


Is there a reason you scaled the faction incursions? I used to be able to do that all alone at lvl 60. Now the elite mobs you need to kill for the quests stomp me after a few hits. Bad change Blizzard.


You haven’t even cleared heroic. The only thing you’re struggling with is clearing piss mode content. That’s not a spec issue, that’s a you issue.


A good thing that devastation evoker are perfect and don’t need any changes…

Where are the fire/frost dps changes?! Why are we forced to play arcane?! STOP NEGLECTING US!


Relax your specc only has been s tier throughout the last 2 expansions let the arcane shine for once

Nobody will fall for that bait. We all know people hate mages, but they haven’t been OP since season 2 Shadowlands

You’re not forced to play Arcane, no-one is holding a gun to your head. You are just playing arcane because you are min/maxed obsessed ocd always have to be the best.


Fire mage is a high skill class made for coordinated play with most of its damage being done during combustion. If this spec sucks for the god gamers, it gigasucks for us mere mortals. Fire has to be OP, because blizzard failed at the game design, or it’s unplayable. I don’t main this mage anymore, but I’ve seen some mages doing tank level damage in m+. Let alone solo shuffle. There you have this problem, but 10 times amplified, because for pvp it’s a whole different beast

Have you seen our DPS on HC ras? Do you think we even get invited to raid ras? I have been personally kicked from countless ras because they see that i’m frost spec, i’ve cleared 7/8 hc, have 4pc and no leader wants a frost mage, im certain i dont even want a frost mage, we’re a burden, do you know what the worst thing about it is? they’lll ASK FOR AN INT BUFF, AND KICK ME RIGHT AFTER.

So before you say HURR DURR THATS A YOU ISSUE how about NO


Blizzard needs to ban this toxic behaviour in pugs tbh. If you’ve cleared with a group for 7 bosses, they shouldn’t be allowed to kick you for your spec.


Join a guild then?

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I’ve lubed my behind for the pain of pugging all the way to where I’m at now, I’m not leaving my guild just to get benched somewhere, and who wants to burden their guild, potentially throwing away hours just because this guy wants to play frost

You’re playing Heroic, not Mythic.

What and heroic isn’t difficult? Must be nice for a non frost to say. And I certainly don’t want to be carried, or imagine someone saying stuff like

“Oh sorry mate we are already carrying 3 dead as hell worthless specs this week, we’ll slot you in next week we promise”

Nah, bun that


Your spec is irrelevant to the difficulty of a raid. You and your group are either competent enough to kill the boss or you are not. It’s as simple as that.

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because there certainly never has been a thing such as a dps check

If you can’t do enough DPS in a Heroic raid, maybe it’s time to stop blaming your spec and look in the mirror.

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you really think you know more than even the top % of frost mages about their own spec

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