[UPDATED AUGUST 28] Prep Your Dragons and Mount Up for Kalimdor Cup

[UPDATED AUGUST 28] Prep Your Dragons and Mount Up for Kalimdor Cup

Rediscover the skies of Kalimdor with a new dragonriding racing event!

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Meh. I don’t like racists.


This sounds kinda neat. I hope I remember to give them a try :dracthyr_nod:

Would be great if the article would contain the information how we can change which dragon we ride during the races. I prefer my wylderdrake, others feel weird in the air during races. :frowning:

You’re living up to your name right now.


Prep Your servers for working -.-

put a mount / skin .you know the 0.1 % drop dragon skin …so ppl can do this , to have a good push to log in and try this …why should do this ? whats the reward ? to lose some time ingame ? nope !!!

In case you hadn’t discovered it yet, or for others who wonder about this, you can interact with the guy who gives the quest in Valdrakken and then you can choose which dragon you want to use for the races :slight_smile:

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Except we cannot log in because the servers are down?

A transmog set and some dragonriding mount customization.

Either you talk to the little whelp that’s beside the race NPC in all the zones.
Or you talk to the NPC that gives you the quest in Valdrakken.

They are? I just logged off and everything was fine for me.
I leveled my night elf a little bit (getting her ready for the heritage quest in september).

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Oh! going to check that out tomorrow. Thx a lot! :slight_smile:

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Fix some of timers for Gold pls! Ahn’Qiraj reversed is impossible!

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Can you perhaps make it so everything is purchasable by completing it all with one character?

i really dont want to have to complete it nearly all over again on a second character.

All 3 Thousand Needles difficulties were identical… Literally the exact same rings as far as I could tell. And I completed them all on the first try.

Hopefully it gets better. Omw to Azshara

Wait untill you get to Ungoro. That is where pain lies.

Azshara already felt better. Wasn’t too hard but at least they were different!

I will look forward to Un’goro

But it looks like I’ll have to wait because they’re shutting down the servers in 2 minutes, probably to deal with whatever caused the crash before.

I got it on gold for all 3, but yeah, it was pain. I enjoyed the pain though, because I can just try again, unlike in M+ xd

Ye, races were fun, but ungoro was kinda annoying always Missing timer by 0,1, 0,2 second etc :smiley:

Sounds fun, I will try it. I like dragonriding.

Just for fun. I was very sceptical about the whole Dragonriding thing since announce, but races become for me the most purely entertaining content of the whole expansion. For some weird reason I found it extremely relaxing to grab a beer, jump to those races and try to get all golds, despite the fact it gives almost nothing beside achievements. No locks and cooldowns, no fights, no progression, no toxicity, no frustration, just the music and the wind in the my hair… I wish there will be more mechanically new activities in the future without any gates and restrictions.