[UPDATED AUGUST 28] Prep Your Dragons and Mount Up for Kalimdor Cup

Yeah it’s a blizzard theme that the most fun activities are not rewarded, but the chores and annoying stuff are.

And yeah: Dragon riding for me currently is the most fun content in the game lol

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GODAMMIT this makes me realise I totally forgot the dragon daycare quests…

One more game feature that flies under my radar :dracthyr_sweat:

Sometimes I think rewards (especially gear or AP) is the thing, which turns fun stuff into chore, bringing FOTM and pressure. Not sure though…

Done everything on gold. Hardest are AQ Reversed and Ungoro Advanced by a long shot.

Some of the races are way too long and tightly tuned, annoying and not fun tbh.


It’s nice but some of the races were awful, like Razorfen or ones in wooded areas where you can’t see where exactly the branches are because of all the leaves. Also Ahn’qiraj has like 5 vigor nodes in the entire race.

I foolishly thought the quest would take me to all the locations.

So today I will have to go back and do the others :laughing:

It’s the easiest way though.
Then you can just get gold on all normal courses and do the quest a 2nd time.
But I get you; doing content on multiple characters should NOT be the optimal way to earn that content’s rewards.

The whelp that’s close to the race NPC can point you to all the locations.

Well also unlike the dragon isles races these locations appear on the zone map.

They do; but since not every zone has them; talking to the NPC can save you some time/hassle.

PS: Tanaris not having a race is a travesty! Where’s my Star Wars speeder on Tatooine fantasy? :sweat_smile:

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Where is my Caverns of Time slalom? :angry:

I saw the list on the article so it shouldn’t be too bad. The race flag is on the map once you get to the right zone.

But good to know, none the less!!

I found the best way was to just track the achievement and read the names off that.

Probably one thing worth noting is that you won’t find the Uldum race in the BFA version of the zone, only in the Cataclysm one.

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This is what I do.
Talking to the whelp does nothing for me…I see he has speech bubbles but nothing happens when you click on him, I dont get it!

Also kinda annoying how your dragon rising mount defaults back to the original model.

My problem is not the motion sickness - thats a me issue- , nor the hard coruses - thats a skill issue
But the fact, you have to basically crawl with old flying to the races and God, it is horrible
For me it killed every enthusiasm I had :sob:
Before racing - and crashing to a two pixel tree from the bast decade - I can go make a four course meal untill my old mount reaches from A to B
Then the adrenaline rush, faster than Sonic, and… snail in a glue velocity to the next race
It would really hurt the game if the little Bronze Whelp would not only give direction, but would teleport you to the nearest race? :thinking:

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Just take a flight path and go stretch or something.

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Simple and easy races, just got 2 to go. Managed to do em all on first try advanced and reversed in gold. Was a nice thing to do inbetween queues!


Not bragging, simply thankful for the new event! I thought it was good.