[UPDATED NOV 17] Things to Do in the Shadowlands When You're (Mostly) Dead

[UPDATED NOV 17] Things to Do in the Shadowlands When You're (Mostly) Dead

Before you journey back to Azeroth, you may want to spend your remaining moments in the afterlife seeking out a few rewards that will no longer be obtainable (or more difficult to acquire) in the upcoming expansion—Dragonflight.

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Shame the pic you use are for 2 mythic kill bosses only which can only be done for a small % of playerbase.


Ngl, I thought this is going to read as ‘Things to Do in the Shadowlands When It’s (Mostly) Dead’ and started raising my eyebrows.


So no mythic+ during pre patch? Gonna be a bit of a bummer but ok

stuff i’d never obtain even if i played this game as a job…

really need to prioritize better…

add more rewards in content which is actually not a massive time consuming pain in the buttocks.(oh and is fun)


Allow LFR to get the damn jelly cat. come on.

For clarifying purpose: I have the mount and I cleared all fated Normal to get it.


Daaaamn boiiis, was hoping Vengance would be like the invisible horse that I could farm for like 10 years and never get, shame. I really wanted to get that dead dragonhawk.
But I am a scrub. Cant GitGud

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I assume there will be still same m+ in pre patch, just no seasonal rewards for it .

Wont it work same way as every other mythic mount, that just get 1% drop chance after expansion?

Humm. Why can’t I flag this thread as inappropriate? As a death knight, I’m offended by your title.

As far as I’m concerned, taking stuff away remains the most annoying move by Blizzard - just to keep up that little retention they still have with a bored audience.

Everything is based on time-gated rewards these days, freedom of time and choice has been lost.

This game used to be “World of…”… now it’s “Themepark of Warcraft”.

True I’m just sad and too old for this grind.


Iirc they removed bunch of stuff from vanila too, and pretty much every expansion has something .

So going by your logic, it never was “world of” …

How is that a shame? They are talking about things that will be removed, those are always things that not everybody can/want to get in the first place.

Such as?

It is fine! It has always been like this in WoW! You can’t get all the things without doing the content.
If you don’t raid mythic you don’t get mythic reward!

We will get over it!

true content is hitting the uninstall button and not buying bobby another boat

Veilstrider was kinda easy, i had it when i logged in on release.

Please just make the Slime cat available for LFR!!! I get it doing it on normal is(should be)easy enough but it seems like many other players don’t. I’m talking about raid leaders. I just can’t get into a normal raid, everyone is expecting cutting edge/curve for a normal run.

Here I am just spending my days doing mog runs in dungeons and old raids. Very easy now that the whole antorus raid is soloable since 9.1.5.

Vengeance served Sylvanas well, and now the ebony dragonhawk can serve you when you take the Dark Lady down. To defeat Sylvanas in Sanctum of Domination on Mythic difficulty, you’ll want to recruit 19 of your bravest BOOSTERS to enter the raid, and it’s recommended that all players are at least 239 item level or higher.

Enigmatic and aloof, this construct of the First Ones flies on a graceful stream of perfect geometric understanding. To get this mount, gather 19 of your strongest BOOSTERS and take the fight to The Jailer on Mythic difficulty in Sepulcher of the First Ones. It is recommended that players are at least 265 item level or higher.

this is just an ad for mythic raid sellers


The Veilstrider achievement requirements with the convenants special features aka trial of loyalty and the venthyr ball thing, is the sh I WONT DO.
Like… That’s so boring and poor implemented

It’s not, it’s for people that likes to do open world stuff instead of mythic+ esport.