Vanilla Classic server totally empty

Been checking out Gehennas that was over packed before Classic TBC and Im totally alone on the server, not a single soul in Orgrimmar or any other city or a few random checked zones also 0 items in the auctionhouse. Interesting feeling to have an own server but maybe its time to merge every single vanilla classic server or are all vanilla classic server so empty that instead of only me it would be like 5 more persons on a merged mega server?
Feel paying for cloning was an misstake, maybe it would have been different on the servers if cloning would have been free.


Firemaw is the only server you want to be on if you want to see other people. I don’t think you will see loads there either, but it’s pretty much the only option.

Gehennas belongs to the emptiest PvP cluster.
Most PvP players went to TBCC.
Most Horde players went on to TBCC.
These factors combined gives you the emptiest possible server experience.
As Richdude suggests: Use the free transfer to Firemaw.

Are there many people on firemaw? Im considering doing it with my 60lvl rogue.

I’m not a PvP player, but I made two “spies”. 3 hours ago there were 7 allies / 1 Hordie (me included) on Gehennas group. The same numbers for Firemaw was 46 ally / 47 Horde.

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IM thinking about the same!

No, Classic Era is almost empty. There will be even less when SoM arrives.

Thanks, didnt know about Firemaw! Hope I at least will see a few more there. :slight_smile:

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