Various Boosts, Trades | Feedback thread

(Aggro) #1

I'm selling various boosts, from raid boosts, mythic+ to rare world mounts.
Keep in mind that this forum thread is strictly meant for feedback, PLEASE refrain yourself from posting questions - you can just simply add me and I'll answer :).

**Updated as of 7.11.2018.**

-Mount boosts:
    Phosphorescent Stone Drake (Aeonaxx);
    Time-Lost Proto-Drake;
    Grey Riding Camel (Dormu the Camel Hoarder, awarding feat of strenght achievement +'the Camel-Hoarder' title);
    Voidtalon of the Dark Star
    Long-Forgotten Hippogryph (Rare crystals from Azsuna);
    And other WoD rare world mounts.

- I'm looking to buy any sort of TCG pets/mounts/toys(lootcard codes), other rare pets/mounts, unobtainables, etc. for a right price. All in all, anything interesting :).

-I'm selling TCG mounts/pets, pm me what you're interesed in and we can arrange something hopefully.

-I'm also offering gold trading services (crossrealm). I could get gold on nearly any realm for your gold at any realm with certain fee (which depends on many factors).

    Talon's Vengeance(Ivory Hawkstrider mount);

    Ravenholdt(Heavy Lockboxes, part of The Insane reputations).

-Raid boosts:
    Uldir HC, Full or G'huun only for Ahead of the Curve achievement;

    **NEW**Uldir MYTHIC, up to 6/8 mythic for now.

Keep in mind that BfA has forced personal loot so theres no option for ML, except for feed runs that can be done at increased cost

-Dungeon boosts:
    Mythic + dungeons, your key or ours, up to +15. Armor feeds available, aswell as packet runs for score

    Gnomeregan secret boss: Endgineer Omegaplugg which drops Vial of Green Goo toy!

-I'm also offering middleman services!
- If you're looking to trade a high-valued item(s) (above 10mil) or some item that's located on different server than you want/can get gold at for it, or perhaps while you're buying a TCG lootcard code/blizzcon codes/collector's edition codes, I'm willing to help out with that for a small fee of 2% (for high valued deals) and 5% (for small deals, under 1mil).

If you're interesed in buying any of those boosts or interesed in trading with me, feel free to contact me for pricing list and more information: Luka#22613.


(Randomxdk) #2
Bought some full and partianal PL runs from this guy mid in ToS progress, which helped me really out to gear some of my alts while i was busy gearing main in mythic. Stays true to his word and does deliver a smooth and relaxing experience. Buying really soon from again for Antorus PL runs..!

(Naberiùs) #3
I got boosted with this guy the other day, Partial Antorus HC run. Very smooth run, he did a good job of leading the raid and answered any questions I had. Would recommend!

(Happytun) #4
got boosted a couple of times in ToS HC, really smooth and good booster

(Dancinfool) #5
Very good stuff with that Camel! Solid and nice guy.

(Lottah) #6
Bought the Grey Riding Camel - the price was a true bargain and the service itself fast and easy to follow through :)

(Eul) #7
Very smooth trading with him. Have experience with several trades -
1. Lost-forgotten hippogriff - gave me a really good deal and was done in less than five minutes
2. Gold traded between draenor and der mithrilorden on a 1:1 done quick and efficient
3. Sold him a spectral tiger cub, good price and smooth transaction

(Makuto) #8
Got argus hc boost from him today it went smoothly and would recomend him for anyone thats looking for curve :D

(Uppkäftig) #9
Bought a Camel from this guy, and a normal antorus for my alts! Nice guy, would recommend.

(Norla) #10
Bought aoenaxx, dark voidtalon and grey camel. They were found in no time +vouch

(Kitoro) #11
Got boosted for Spellwing just now, everything went as expected, walked away with my beautiful mount, some achievements and a little upgrade trinket as bonus.

Very affordable price, great results.

(Ciynpai) #12
Bought KJ HC and Grey riding camel, good guy. Would recommend. :)

(Onetreeheal) #13
Bought Various runs from the Hero, and have to admit, its was good nice smooth runs.. So Prep for this and lets get him some gold guys :D.
And its actually nice to kill stuff when guild is not doing it :D

(Lottah) #14
Bought the Hellfire Infernal also for myself and my 3 friends - very happy with the service :)

(Kåli) #15
Bought the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph and was delivered within 30min of messaging, and i paid after recieving the mount! Great service would reccomend!

(Beam) #16
Bought voidtalon, took approx 5 days, very smooth, paid after I got mount. Great service!

(Ásura) #17
Bought a Argus HC kill and hardly took any time at all. Very pleasant to chat with and would highly recommend! Many thanks :)

(Sïmplé) #18
Bought Riding Camel - smooth, quick and easy! Can highly recommend :)

(Fémur) #19
Great booster :) Smooth and easy Argus Hc one shot :)

(Malfortion) #20
Very reassuring and cool player, quick and smooth, would definitely recommend for straightforward transactions.