Various Boosts, Trades | Feedback thread

(Garage) #21
Just bought a boost today 5/3-18 it was a nice and quick run only the best of the best where there to boost my pleb Alt - Mage

Thanks for it hoping to buy from you guys.

(Wolfphonex) #22
Just bought a Argus kill and it was the best gold ever spent fantastic will buy again and again

(Lfmemberbr) #23
Just traded some gold with him. He gave first and everything went as intended!

We already did a couple of trades and everytime everything went fine!
Would totally recommend him for trades/boosts!

Trustworthy guy!

(Natdan) #24
Did Argus Heroic, Paid straight up and no problems. Would use service again.

(Killaen) #25
Did Argus today with his group, easy run it was. Didn't have to do much, didn't take a lot of time, got the tactics explained. Overall a nice boost he provides =)

(Maidenhayle) #26
Thanks for the smooth run on my baby spriest :) Very fun.

(Jozzii) #27

(Phenephos) #28
Just bought a HC Argus kill very cheap, easy kill and got the 940 trinket - very good service 10/10

(Lfmemberbr) #29
Traded with him again some gold 1:1 ratio!

Nice guy, trusted person -> totally recommend!

(Nebe) #30
Logged on saw the message thought, hey why not! Told me it was 80% pug totally honest about the party! Got a summon they one shot it ;) thanks!

(Snörlax) #31
HC Argus was clean and quick! Oh, also the cheapest I could find. Excellent chap who's services I recommend highly.

(Merysa) #32
Oneshot and explained tactics well :-)

(Xillidean) #33
A well explained and quick HC Argus kill

(YanĂ­s) #34
I bought a TcG Pet from him on a german server was real quick and very smooth. Every time again

(Lettucé) #35
Just bought Argus HC from him and it went smoothly! Finally I can show off a spellwing to match with all my other cool friends! Took no time at all :D

(Zabsdfhjsdfj) #36
Traded gold with this trader, he went first. Very smooth and will do business with again :)

(Zolenya) #37
Quick and Smooth Boost.

(Vvax) #38
Nice player, fast group - do u need more? :D

(Phoenics) #39
Proffessional and honest person. Got the curve on the first try.

(Sovran) #40
Smooth run, honest leader. Nothing to complain about at all :D