Various Boosts, Trades | Feedback thread

(Bearwithit) #41
Bought today boost Argus HC. Very good boost. Easy kill. Recommend ;)

(Justmonika) #42
Smooth, fast boost on Argus HC. Would use again ;)

(Discontent) #43
Bought today and oneshot! thanks a lot :D

(Rabidhaggis) #44
just got out of an argus boost was a fast smooth run 100% recommend these guys i will be pointing some irl friends in the direction of this post as well

(Bluehorn) #45
Just bought Argus HC, fast oneshot it took 15mins from summon to loot the chest. Great Boost.

(Aruin) #46
Bought transmogs from him. Everything went perfectly.

(Lfmemberbr) #47
Just traded some gold with him. Everything went perfect, he went first!

(Dëfender) #48
Just finished an Antorus HC full run with him. Very good run with no major problems. I recommend him for all the services he offers.

(Narskin) #49
I just sold Mottled Drake to Aggro. I went first with Mount.
Then logged on other realm and he traded me gold :)
Highly Recommended!

(Xodic) #50
I asked today for Aeonaxx and got it in few hours - very nice and friendly service! I can highly recommend this guys.

(Azonys) #51
Bought the Aeonaxx mount, after only half a day of waiting i was already flying around on it. Can only recommend these guys!

(Yaskel) #52
I finished an Argus HC kill with him. There were no problems at all and it was a very fast and smooth kill without any effort. He is very friendly and sold the kill relatively cheap. I can absolutely recommend it and I would use his services again!

Thanks a lot! :D

(Celaldror) #53
Got boosted in Anto hc it was very funny

(Fellmar) #54
Just paid to get ahead of the curve within ten mins I had it :) great set of guys, 10 out of 10 would recommend. cheers :)

(Shandem) #55
9/11 Mythic run for my alt, went nice and cleanly, very helpful and nice team! Highly recommend and will most definitely buy further boosts in the future!

(Dûrexz) #56
Just bought 9/11 Myhtic run.
Really nice and smooth clean.
Very helpful,i can highly recommend it !

(Drunknfx) #57
Bought Aeonaxx from him! Friendly Service, super fast and a chill guy! Highly recommend him if you are interested in any of his Services!

(Bøøstedkappa) #58
I Bought the Aeonaxx mount from him . I got the mount in 1day , the service was great and really fast. I defintely recommand him ! :)

Great Job

(Bananayellow) #59
did a 15+ mythic boost with him, went smooth with no issues. deffo keeping him in my friendslist for the future! Thanks man!

(Givmigcola) #60
Smooth and easy :) no complaints