Veteran (chatgpt called me veteran! yay) WoW Player Returning for the New Expansion!

Hello fellow adventurers,

I’ve been playing WoW since vanilla, though I’ve had a few breaks here and there. Now, with the new expansion out, I’m back and eager to dive into the game again! I’m looking to join a guild that can help me truly enjoy this new chapter of WoW.

I’m a long-time player with extensive game knowledge, and while I’m interested in all aspects of the game, I prefer focusing on PVE for a better work/life balance. PVE content is easier to organize and progress through, which fits perfectly with my schedule.

I’m willing to change faction and/or server if needed – that’s no problem at all. What I really want is to play WoW with real people, sharing experiences, and helping each other progress. I’m looking for a social guild with an active and collaborative community where I can make new friends and enjoy the game to its fullest.

I’m genuinely excited to get back into WoW, share adventures with other players, and fully enjoy the game again. Let’s make this expansion memorable together! Feel free to reach out to me in-game at dillashaw7#2840 or drop a message here. I look forward to hearing from you!

(of course I had a little help from our friend chatgpt to make the post beautiful without any grammatical mistakes <3 )


You can check this out, even though it’s reforming.

We’re Yeti Employment Agency. And we are recruiting for a 1 night a week raiding guild for War Within. It’s based on twisting-Nether horde, now with War Within on the horizon, it wont really matter what server or faction you’ll be playing on.

Our aim for the tier is to establish a solid mythic raid team and ideally be clearing 3-5/9 mythic by the end of the first tier - with a long term aim to improve on that in the following tiers.

We consider ourselves a midcore raiding team, compromised of a mix of ex-hardcore raiders, and dad raiders who dont have the time to commit multiple nights a week. We also have active m+ players aviailable for keys most nights. We accept every type of player into our guild. Hope to hear back from you

raid times:
Mondays 20:00-23:00
If we decide to make a 2nd day for the first weeks its thursdays.
Social/alt raids will also happen

Contact: Vilanto#2439
Discord: treehugger#8182

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